Coronavirus Updates & Information

School's in Session - Marshall Academy

Update for Families 9/13/20

Dear MA Families,

We are now three weeks into school and well into our processes and procedures. Students have been doing well with wearing masks in common areas and stopping for temp checks.

You may have heard that some of our county schools have had cases of COVID 19 and had to quarantine and/or close for cleaning. It is inevitable that each school will have a case or multiple cases at some point, regardless of the many safety measures.

We will continue to keep students safe in school with the protocols we have outlined previously, please continue to follow screening measures as outlined below. Screening and communication with the office is vital in keeping our students safe!

We know that this year is different and we appreciate all of your flexibility and understanding as we traverse this very unique school year.

Leslie Katz

Coordinator - Leslie Katz (Academic Officer); Teacher Representative - Lacey Ferro (3rd grade, coach); Support Staff Representative - Kathy Swett (bus, library, classroom); Front Office - Shannon Kever (Main point of contact); Board Representation - Kasey Williams (Board President; parent); Albion Community - Wanda Kemp (Kids of Hope Community Outreach); Marshall Community - Stephanie Kimball (Fountain Clinic); Parent - Niki VanLente (Marshall); Student - William Costine (sophomore)

CDC Guidelines on Coronavirus Prevention

This site is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Just click the button and it will take you to the website.

Screening Protocols

At Home

Screening continues to be the number one way to keep our student and teacher population safe.

Ask the questions here to see if you should send your student to school.

Screener (most user friendly one we've found)

If you suspect your student has COVID or if your student was in contact with someone with COVID, inform the front office (Mrs. Kever). She can provide next steps and inform the school of what we need to do for additional safety and quarantine measures.

Bus Stops

As of now are buses are at or close to capacity with our safety precautions. Should bus runs need to change to accommodate new enrollments or changes to current family needs, we will inform you of those needed changes. We appreciate your flexibility with this often very tricky transportation need.

Dropping Off in the Morning

Our staff has been able to move students through morning screenings rather quickly, however, quickly may feel less quick when it starts to get really cold in the mornings or when it's raining. Be sure your student dresses appropriately for the weather so these waits are not uncomfortable. The process will not be changing for weather, you need to be sure they are dressed appropriately. This will include winter boots with snow as the areas may not be shoveled that early or as it snows. We suggest students put school shoes in their bags and change out of snow/rain boots and into school shoes once they get to the their lockers or classrooms.

Quarantine and "what ifs"

Fever and Symptoms

A fever does not mean COVID 19. Generally, students must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine to return to school. However, if a student answers yes to a screener question or has a fever, they must have one of the following before returning to school -- a negative COVID 19 test or a doctor note that explains the reason for the fever as something other than COVID 19 dated for that event of fever or screener question. If a parent refuses to go to the doctor or get a COVID 19 test, the student must stay home for 10 days and monitor for further symptoms.


Varsity Band

After the first few weeks of school, the students have formulated and presented a plan. They will be able to march outside with precautions toward cleanliness, spacing, and covering parts of instruments. I know they are relieved to be pursuing their performance art.


It's been different hosting MS/HS art in the high school wing and in the high school science room. With a new teacher it's also a different format. Again, with all of the precautions we must take, the content and expectations will be different.


As PE has been able to be outside for the most part, it's been going very well. However, once the weather changes you will need to make sure your student has appropriate apparel for outside PE when possible, and be ready for PE inside with masks on when it's raining or snowing. Because the gymnasium is a common area, if PE takes place inside they will have to wear masks. Mrs. Ingraham will adjust lessons for less strenuous activity in that instance, but students will be required to wear masks if doing PE inside in the gym.

Looking for ways to help?


The following are items we will be spending a lot of "extra" money on if you would like to make a donation to the school/classroom:


Masks (disposable or washable)

Hand Sanitizer

Cleaning wipes

Picnic Tables - though the tents are great for shade, they are not holding up to the wind as well as we'd like. Our campus is very flat and with our lack of large trees there are pretty high winds. However, teaching with a surface and on picnic tables has been very fun for classes. If you have one you are willing to set in our back lot, let us know. These could even be used in winter if we wear our winter coats and hats while out there. We'll see how adventurous some of our classes want to be.

*any cleaning materials and hand sanitizer must be at least 60% alcohol

Community Resources

Hotlines, food pantries, and more