WANTED: Phoshorus

Reward: 22,466,000,000.00 Vietnamese Dongs

Wanted by the Vietnamese Government for causing the deaths of 2 mil Vietnamese citizens and 1.1 mil Vietnamese fighters.


1. Over 40 years after the Vietnamese War, innocent Vietnamese citizens are still dying from napalm and phoshorus contamination in their soil and water.

2. Poisoned and gave thousands of match workers "fossy jaw" in the 19th and 20th century. Fossy jaw is a disease that deforms one's jaw and gums. Effected bones and teeth gave out a blue-greenish glow.

3. White phosphorus is used in guns and weapons because it produces intense flames.

4. It also builds DNA and RNA.

Last Seen

- Group 15 (nitrogen family), period 3

- In the form of phosphate rock in earth's crust

Basic Info

White phosphorus (aka Willy Pete)

- Color: white

- Non-metal

- Solid at room temperature

- Atomic #: 15

- Atomic mass: 30.9738

Upbringing of a serial killer

German alchemist Henning Brand discovered phosphorus in 1669 by heating up the left-over residue of urine. He is considered the last of alchemists, because alchemy existed from 500 B.C to the end of the 16th century. Brand wanted to find a way to change metals into gold, so he heated 60 pails of urine, and got phosphorus instead. The phosphorus vapor glowed green when it reacted with air.

Known Associates

Farmers use enormous amounts of fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These elements are crucial to crop growth.

Phosphorus pentasulfide (P 2 S 5 ) is made to make paper-safety matches. When the match head is scratched on a surface, the phosphorus pentasulfide burst into flame, which ignites the match head.


Although phosphorus is stable, it reacts violently to heat and can be fatal. If a civilian spots this criminal, he/she must call trained officials to deal with it.


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