January Literacy Contest

Promote Your Program!

Career Days

Students from every home school will be visiting TCTC on January 21st and 26th during our two Career Days. They will be spending time in a few programs to help them decide whether or not to come to TCTC and which program they should apply for. You probably remember this being a big decision that was not easy to make. For this month's contest, the task is to persuade these 10th graders to come to TCTC and to apply for your program.

The Prompt

Write a letter ("Dear Sophomores...") to the tenth graders who will be visiting TCTC later this month. Your goal is to persuade them to not only apply to TCTC, but to apply to YOUR program. What's so appealing about TCTC and your program? What can they achieve by attending your program? What opportunities does TCTC and your program provide that are different from what their home schools can provide? What other perks do you think they should know?

The Guidelines

  • Include a cover page with your name, grade, and program.
  • Your letter should be be at least one full page, but no more than two pages.
  • Write in casual letter style, including a salutation ("Dear Sophomores,") and a closing ("Thank You, ..." or "Good Luck,...") that includes your signature.
  • Be persuasive by highlighting only the positive aspects of TCTC and your program.
  • Submit your entry via Google Drive (share it with Laura.Henning@tctchome.com) by TUESDAY, JANUARY 19. (This gives the committee time to judge the entries and get them posted for the sophomores to see.)

The Judging Criteria

  • Overall persuasiveness and development of details
  • Consideration of audience - Remember you're writing to 10th graders.
  • Writing style and conventions
  • Inclusion of a cover page that includes your name, grade, and program

The Winners

  • The Literacy Committee will vote on one grand prize winner and up to 10 runners-up.
  • The grand prize winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card (to be picked up in the media center on Wednesday, January 20).
  • The runners-up will receive either pizza or milk shakes (to be decided by the committee).