Team Husstle Newsletter

October 2014

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Thank you for being apart of my Thirty-One Family!!

My Personal Stats for October:
Recruits: 0
Personal Sales: $4092.50 Parties Held: 9
Our Team Sales: $24,204.00!

As a consultant my paycheck would've been $1023.13, but because I choose leadership by paycheck was $5687.04!!!

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-3:30pm EST
Wednesday 9am-8pm EST
*I have hours set so that I have time that just belongs to my family:) If my hours don't work with your schedule, please let me know and we can set up a time to chat!! Anytime you'd like to email me, please do so!! I will return your email the next business day!! We are a team and I am here to support YOU!

Top 15 in Sales in October!!

Lisa Pearson 3440

Meredith Holmes 2993.5

Robin Durbin 2225.5

Dominique Sama 1824.5

Renee Harris 1782

Christy Beach Keeten 1238.5

Christa Olsen 1161

Nicole Lowery 1018

Amy Carney 757.5

Melissa Bangle 733

Paula Alexander 586.5

Angie Carney 481

Jenna Smith 454.5

Graciela Solano 401.5

Candice Yoder 373.5

Denise Perez 277

Who Earned StartSwell in October???

Robin Durbin ~ Level 1!
Renee Harris ~ Level 3!!!

Awesome Ladies!!!

Thirty-One Anniversaries!!

Denise Perez ~ 2 Years!!!!


Top Recruiter in October!!

Christa Olsen welcomed 1 new member to her team!!!

So proud of you guys!! Thank you for being the best part of my Thirty-One Journey!