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Wildwood Middle and Upper School Library

Some New Books and Recommendations

Click on the photos below to view book covers and quotes!

We are always looking for book suggestions to display in the library. Please send book titles, authors and brief descriptions like the ones above to msimon@wildwood.org. Help us keep the new book suggestions new!

Books About the Heart and Relationships and A Date with a Book

Let's make Valentine's Day about the heart and friendship, not just romance! Take a look at our Valentine's display curated by Rachel W.

Or have a date with a book! Check out a wrapped book and see what you get. Much thanks to Honor M. for starting this off.

Your Magazine Suggestions and Artwork

On Haiku, we asked which magazines you would like to have in the library and we have responded to your suggestions. Take a look at our new magazine wall and subscriptions!

We have also added our first piece of student artwork and are looking for more. Let us know if you would like to display your library related work. Thanks to Sara F. for an incredible piece to get us started!

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