Frank Elementary Weekly Memo!!!!!

January 18-22

Great Things Happening at Frank Elementary During the Week of January 7-13!

PD Days...

January 18 - No School, MLK Jr. Day

January 19 - Day 4 - District PD

January 20 - Day 5 - District PD

January 21 - Day 6 - District PD

January 22 - Day 7 - District PD

Important Information...

-January is School Board Recognition Month and there will be a special recognition during the evening school board meeting on Tuesday, January 19. If you would like to send a thank you note yourself, or if you would like to encourage your students to do so, that would be great. If you have notes to send, you may interoffice them to Rachel Johnson at the Board Office. Any notes received by noon on January 19 will be presented to the Board at the meeting. This is a great opportunity to thank our Board Members for their leadership and service.

-Reminder: Once you have spent your $150 from FPC, please turn in your receipts to me. The office will then forward them to FPC and keep a record of all receipts turned in.

Once you have spent your $150, please turn in all receipts for FPC reimbursement by February 29, 2016.

-Student Teaching Update:

  • January 25th at 8:15 there will be a staff meeting with Amy Kramer representing BGSU Student Teachers

  • If you are interested in having a student teacher for 2016/2017, you must turn in your name/information requested by Wednesday, January 27, 2015. Please note to have a student teacher, you must meet the criteria below.

  • Frank’s Day for interviews (of student teachers) is February 17th from 4-6.

Teacher Criteria:

  • 3 years of experience as a teacher

  • The district prefers no teachers in the RESA program

  • Dr. W will have the final say before student teachers are matched with staff member.

Information you must turn in by Wednesday, January 27, if you are interested in having a student teacher:

1 - Name (First and Last)

2 - Email

3 - Licensure

4 - Grade you teach

5 - Number of years of teaching

6 - Additional information

-Any questions/problems/missing items should be directed to Amanda Hubaker at:

-Please Note for the Staff Meeting on January 25: We will start with Amy Kramer and Joe Sarnes. The part of the meeting K-2 will miss will be about creating caring learning environments. This will continue to be theme throughout the rest of the year.

-Please complete the 1st Semester Report Card for Dr. W by the end of the day on Monday, January 18. All staff members are encouraged to fill this out. The feedback is completely confidential and will be taken to heart. If you would prefer, please fill out the paper copy and return it to the envelope in the office.

Please also consider asking your students to complete a "report card" for you so you can have a clear idea of how the students in your class feel.

-There will be no school on Monday, January 18, in remembrance of MLK, Jr. Day.

-Tech Tuesday, January 19, from 4-5.

-There will be a board meeting on Tuesday, January 19 at 5:30 PM.

-The Olweus Committee will be meeting on January 20 at 8:15 AM.

-The Safety Committee will meet on January 21 at 3:30 PM.

-January 20-22 there will be 2nd and 3rd grade CogAT testing in the morning. Please help create a quiet environment in the building during testing on those days.

-2nd quarter data binders should be returned by Friday, January 15.

-As students complete their pies on the ALEKS program, please let me know. I will be sure to buy a pie for the students!

-We are currently using a lot of paper. Please be cognizant about the amount of paper that is being used. Earlier, I shared that our building budget is lower than where we would like it to be at this point in the year. We are ordering more paper, however, we will not be able to keep replenishing paper at the rate at which we are using it. Thanks for your help and understanding!

-Since it is now the beginning of the 3rd quarter, please don't forget to use your gold coin and sign up to observe another classroom! This is a great way to share ideas! Five staff members observed another classroom during the first semester! This is great! Our goal for the second semester is to have 10 teachers visit another classroom!:):):)

-Please continue to send good news phone calls down to me. These are a great way to positively connect with the families and the parents love receiving these calls!

-Please continue to fill out and turn in Bucket Fillers. It is very special to have names turned in each day. This is a great way to recognize our outstanding students.

-Please also continue to fill up the Bucket Filling Board in the staff lounge!:)

-Please take a look at the Do Not Photograph list and please make sure to follow that throughout the year.

-Our next Frank Talk will go home on Friday, January 22.

-Group candids will be rescheduled. We will keep you updated on the new date.

-January 14, there will be a BLT meeting in the morning from 8:15-11:45 AM in the large conference room.

-Strings will be on January 14.

-January 15, progress monitoring will take place.

-There will be no FPC meeting during the month of January.

-The Pupil Services meeting was cancelled on Tuesday. The meeting will be rescheduled. I will pass on the rescheduled date once we know it.

-I have started the second round of OTES observations. I will be in and out of classrooms during the months of January and February completing observations.

Food For Thought...

From the book, The Innovator's Mindset..

-If we only teach students the curriculum, we have failed them.

-It's not all about the skill set; it is about the mindset.

-The biggest barrier to innovation is our own way of thinking.

-The biggest game changers in education are, and always will be, the educators who embrace the innovator's mindset.

-If you want to seethe effectiveness of an educator, you do not look at what the teacher is doing but at the learners whom they serve.