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COVID 19 Updates

Updates and Reminders

3/27-If you need to go to campus for any reason, make sure you are in and out quickly. If you need to use the copy machine, please use the gloves when using the copy machine and use the wipes to clean up your area. If you have any food up there that you want to go get, please do it quickly(kinder-I am thinking of your snacks) Please do not throw anything away in your classroom trash can! They are not up there emptying out the trash!

Please use the Covid Self Screen Employee questionnaire (below) before going to campus. You don't need to turn it in to anyone, just answer the questions on your own.

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Shout out to:

Hirsch and Barley- facilitating a SeeSaw PL. Thank you Jess for adding the resources to Its Learning.

All those Zoomers out there! No doubt, the kiddos getting to see and hear you and each other makes their week!

Keep sending us shout outs :-)

Parr Skype Notes

Wrapping up the 2019-2020 school year, the COVID way

We are currently working on a plan to close out the school year. Here is some information so far. Thank you for your patience as we work together to figure this out!

2020-2021 Planning

Planning for the 2020-2021 school year is underway. Here are a few updates...

Staffing changes:

Jennifer Salazar will be moving to 3rd grade math and science partnering with April Guseman

Monique Stirgus will be moving to 3rd grade math and science and will be partnering with Traci Roman

Samantha Morris will be moving to 4th grade math and science partnering with Shannon Benson

Julie Husband will be moving to 2nd grade

Anna Lowery will be moving to 5th grade math and science and will partner with Jennifer Epps

Rebecca Herrod will be moving to 1st grade

2nd grade will be departmentalizing! Below are the their switch teams.




Krakowiak, McCarty, Falknor will be teaching ELAR

Puckett, Husband, Cruthirds will be teaching Math, Science, SS

Curriculum and Lesson Planning

Thank you for supporting parents by not adding any work in addition to what the coordinators/ coaches are rolling out in the weekly Its Learning templates.

Remember, there are no deadlines/ due dates/ homework during this time.

You can start to work together as a team to create a Summer Learning page in your Its Course to push out to parents the last week of school and have available throughout the summer. We will also be adding a link to each grade level's resources on our Parr page.

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Stay connected with your students!

Plan to make a phone call to each student every 2 weeks. Ask to speak to them so they can hear your voice and know you are cheering them on!

3rd-5th classrooms you could switch off calling your homeroom vs your switch class.

Parent and Student Contact Log

Be keeping a log (in whatever format you would like) of communication with your parents. We are not asking for this to be turned in, at this time, but you will want to be keeping documentation in the event something comes up at a later date.

*When you are calling a parent you might need to first send a text and let me know that it is you! I think we are all guilty of not answering the phone when we don't know who it is or not answering a 281-284- number because we think it'll be a call out.


Professional Learning Opportunities

Be on the lookout for Virtual PL opportunities with Jess and some of your coworkers!

Check out our Parr Its Learning Course for resources including:

  • SeeSaw
  • Flipgrid
  • Zoom

Additional resources can be found in the CCISD Empowered2Educate itslearning course.

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Emails/ Clarifications on the use of Zoom

4/8 As a result of all of the negative publicity Zoom has received, Zoom released some critical updates this past weekend, with additional updates up through this afternoon. These updates made it appear as though students are not able to connect via a web browser without a downloaded application or login credentials; essentially, students might think our web filter has blocked Zoom. Kelly Lane and her learning technology team have found a workaround that involves some settings that a teacher (as host) can make to continue face-to-face interactions. We plan on sending those directions out tomorrow.

In parallel, we are working hard on releasing another Microsoft application that would provide a secure method for video collaboration. After we can solidify the security of our settings, and ensure that only the video collaboration is enabled, we will share that with you.


Click here for a quick video on how to turn off the one to one chatting feature in Zoom.

Around the Building...

Counselor- Ragghianti/ Hennington

A Counselor's Corner has been added as a photo album on Parr's Facebook page to add resources for parents. A link will also be emailed out in a campus Smore to parents. If you are contacted by a parent requesting counseling support please forward it to Laurie (, Buckels and Talley.

If you do any check ins with kiddos and feel like they need to be supported by Laurie, please email her.

Library- Woodson

Danielle has been adding information to Facebook and Twitter if you'd like to see some other ideas and resources.

Nurse Burke

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the amazing weather today! Below are a few links full of great information on cloth face masks, and how do get essential errands done in the middle of a communicable disease outbreak. Several of my friends and neighbors have been asking me about using cloth masks and about the best way to go to the grocery store, etc. I direct them here. Feel free to share with your family and community as well. We are all in this together!

This link has CDC recommendations for everything from grocery shopping, banking, and to going to the doctor.

This link from the CDC is all about cloth face masks… how to wear them, when to wear them, and how to clean them properly after you use them. There is even a few tutorials on how to make them.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to support students from home! We appreciate you!