Healthy Lifestyle 2020 & SPS Goals

The health goals of the Healthy People 2020 are very simple, yet effective. Our school district promotes their goals in many ways. Not only have we used their goals in our Wellness Guidelines, but we have the same idea as them. We want our kids to be healthier, have the healthiest lifestyle they can. We also would like our kids to have a safe and healthy enviorment to learn in. We want to eliminate health disparities and promote the best possible health to help our kids live a long life of happiness and healthiness.
By having healthy school lunches, it eliminates the option of kids having junk food if they buy their lunch.
At school parties teachers and parents limit the amount of sugar, sweets & carbonated beverages that you drink.
The food quality of our school must be at it's very best. Our hot foods must stay hot, and our cold foods stay cold. Our school kitchens are inspected every two to three months.
We require physical activity for each student so they know the importance of physical health.
We give the option of playing sports for grades 7-12 so they can have a more competitive sports enviorment. Our sports have a coach who teaches at the school & the student must have a passing grade to be able to play. They must also be healthy and pass their physical.