Nick's Travel Journal

Puebla, Mexico

Hi! It's Nick here and today I'm going to talk abou Puebla, Mexico, really quite a beautiful place. But i'm not here to talk about it's beauty i'm here to talk about it's culture. Now the story of how puebla was created is very interesting, actually. The legend is: A friar named Julian Garces Had a dream he was going to be the first bishop of puebla. Now lets talk about the music there. Traditional music in puebla was inspired by the waltz. Folk dance of both indigenous and mixed European Are often seen at religious and cultural events. Now the food there is very interesting my favorite is the Mole Poblano, originated in puebla and very, very tasty!

El Porvenir

Hi! Its Nick here and today I'm going to El Porvenir and i'm going to be talking about it's economy. So, Trujillo is divided into 11 districts. The district of El Porvenir is the second largest and most populated. El Porvenir has 3 times the population growth than the rest of the country! El Porvenir is also characterized by merchandise made of leather. There is also a high rate of literacy in El Porvenir.


Hi! Its Nick again and Today finally we get to talk about the pretty stuff. So about the geography of Talca, the average temperature is 70.7 degrees fahrenheit. The area of the country 231.5 k.m.2. It is also 250 km from Santiago, the capital, and rivers Liracy and Claro, in central valley. Talca is also bisected by the Pan-American-Highway. Talca has a mediterranean climate with dry Summers and wet Winters, and it is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than almost any other country.


Hi! It's Nick once more, and today i'm going to be visiting Maracay, Venezuela. When I was there I went to a museum that told me all about the history and government! The first thing I learned was, Maracay was first established in 1701 by bishop Diego De Banos Y Sotomayer in the valleys of Tocopio and tapatapa. (Now known as the central valley of Aragua). The city got its name from 'Maracayo' which means 'small tiger'. A maracayo is also the mascot of the maracaya Indians! I also learned that Maracay experienced rapid growth during Juan Vincente Gomez's dictatorship from 1908-1935. Gomez saw Maracay as a suitable place to make his residence during his rule.