Biomedical Engineer

Career Project


For this job, the skills of science knowledge and problem solving is definitely required. You have to also be very good at decision making. I am interested in this career path because I really like science and mathematics. As they say, pick a career you will enjoy doing and then it will never be a day of work.

Job Description

For this job, you would have to make technology to help those in need of medical assistance and they would have to perform medical research on humans and animals. In addition, this job requires you to be able to fix all of the biomedical engineering equipment and design web programs for your information.

Training and Education

There are six fields of study that I would have to be successful in if you were to pursue this occupation. They are physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, calculus, and computer programming. In order to actually get this job, you have to have at least a Bachelor's Degree, majoring in biochemistry. Also, you would have to complete some time spent in the lab to gain a feel for what the job will be like

Job Outlook

There is a pretty good job outlook for a career in biomedical engineering. According to research, it is expected to grow by 62%, way more than the national average. The reason for this is because of the demand for their jobs. Because of the recent baby boom, it is expected that there will be a greater need for biomedical devices and procedures. Also, there are a lot of new diseases and medical conditions erupting. For this reason, there will be the need for biomedical engineers to work with other medical fields for coming up with treatments and procedures for the new conditions.


This job makes pretty good money. On average, there is a salary of $81,203 in the state of Illinois. This is pretty close the the median pay of $81,540.


In conclusion, a career as a biomedical engineer is of my interests. Not only does it provide a good salary, it also provides a job in a field that I enjoy. There is much education needed for this career but I would be willing to push forward in order to achieve it. Although a biomedical engineer may not be the pathway I choose, it is still a very good option.

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