September News

Clay 4/5's

What a Great Start to the Year!

We have had an amazing start to our year! Everyone has worked very hard to learn the new class rules, routine, and how to earn special rewards. We are a class of amazing "Bucket Fillers"! We are super close to earning our first movie party! Way to go! We are working on earning our Brownie Points for extra recess time. We did a great job earning the "brownies" during the first couple of weeks! ((We had extra recess last Friday!)) We are looking forward to the continued success of the positive discipline. {We really have had very few "Take 5s" so far this year.} Our "mystery walker" program has been really fun. They absolutely love trying to guess who it might be each time we leave the classroom. Your kiddos deserve a huge round of applause!

Time for a Hike!

Walking Field Trip to the Fire Station!

Wednesday, Sep. 18th 2013 at 10:30am

Fire Station 44

We are going on our first field trip! On September 18th we will head over to Station 44 across the street from ESC. We will have a picnic snack at 9:45 before we head to the station at 10:30. If you would like to chaperone this field trip we would love to have you join us! More details will be sent out next week.

Several New Things Starting This Month!

September is a big month! We have several new and exciting things starting. 1. Star of the week! Every week we will pick a new friend to be the star! We will send home a poster to be filled out and decorated with each child the week before they are to be the star. Please return it the Monday they are the star of week. 2. Cooking! If you have not done so already please bring in an apron for your child. We will do at least one cooking activity each month (hopefully more!). This month we will try our hand at making butter.3. Journal Notebooks. Each child needs a one subject notebook that we will use as a mini "journal". We will practice various writing/drawing activities throughout the year.

Tie Dye Shirts

We hope everyone has returned a clean plain white t-shirt! We will tie dye them the last week of September or First week of October! We will give you more information closer to the actual date we will be doing this so you can dress your child in appropriate "stain friendly" clothing.

Thank You!

We want to take a second to thank everyone for returning the "Whats the Buzz on Your Child" forms! We have taken time to read over them and found them very helpful in understanding what makes your child "run". We are excited to continue to get to know your families!

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Don't forget! Our pumpkin patch field trip to Stonycreek Farms is on October 24th from 8:30-11:45. Fall Break is on October 18th and 21st. We will have our Halloween Party on October 31st. (more info in Ocotber)