Executive Summary

The Latest News from County Executive Jan Gardner

Going Green to Save Green!

Frederick Co. Leads in Sustainability

I'm pleased to re-energize Frederick County's sustainability efforts so we can save green by going green! Everybody loves saving money. And everyone wants to leave a strong economy and a good environment for their children and grandchildren.

The Office of Sustainability & Environmental Resources is returning to its original mission to reduce energy costs and protect resources to preserve the quality of life for future generations. Now is the time to be innovative & creative.

The County Energy Conservation Plan has saved energy and saved taxpayers $585,000 annually; the installation of solar hot water at the detention center has saved $100,000 since it was installed; and the county has reduced energy consumption by adding LEDs in street lights and county offices.

The Office of Sustainability will report directly to me as it works to:

  • refresh and implement the county's Framework for Sustainability;
  • accelerate steps to conserve and reduce energy consumption; and
  • work toward the environmental goals identified through the Livable Frederick planning process.

Right now, Frederick County is losing an average of 420 acres of forest cover annually. Creek ReLeaf and other programs will help to reforest the county and reverse the trend. We are adding hundreds of acres of forests, helping residents sign up for solar power, and working on rebates for homeowners who pump out their septic systems, among other initiatives.

The Sustainability Commission, a volunteer advisory group made up of industry experts, will be re-engaged and will be given a new charge.

Our goal is a sustainable foundation for our prosperity, health and vitality to ensure a bright future for Frederick County.

Emmes Adds More Than 100 Jobs, Opens Business in Frederick County

Join me in welcoming Emmes Corporation to Frederick County! Emmes collaborates with clinical researchers to make an impact on public health worldwide. The business invested $2 million in a new facility on Corporate Drive.

The award-winning clinical research collaborator is the perfect fit for Frederick County, which is already home to more than 80 companies that conduct cutting-edge research or manufacture biologic products. Emmes businesses expects to add more than 100 good-paying jobs in our community.

I was thrilled to offer Emmes the Fast Track Permitting option so they could move in quickly. They had all their permits in only six days! Frederick County is a great place to grow a business.

PSA: Frederick County Senior Tax Credit

Did you know...?

The county reduced its debt payments by $2.0 million annually? One of my most important jobs as County Executive is to be fiscally responsible and protect taxpayers. Because of our three AAA bond ratings earned in 2016, the county has refinanced its debt, reducing our annual debt payments by $2.0 million. I am pleased to share that 40% of all county debt will be paid off over the next five years!
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