My Science Career

Stephen Gnagi

My career choice is Nuclear Engineering.

It is under the physical branch of science because it is working with energy.

Major and Degree

I would have to get a major in Nuclear Engineering. In this degree you have to study different types of radioactive material. You also study materials that can hold the radioactive material such as metal and concrete. Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Probability, Technical Writing, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra are good classes to take in high school. It would be good to take chemistry and physical science courses in college. Also it would smart to take different math courses.


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I would attend University of Wisconsin-Madison. I chose that school because it is an in state school and a nice school. It is a 4 year public university. It is in an urban area. An average class size of 29 students. It is in a urban area

These are the minimal score to get into this college.

GPA: 3.69

ACT: 24 to 27

SAT: 1100 to 1339


About the Job

Nuclear engineers study different ways to use radioactive material to produce nuclear energy. They do research on how different radioactive atoms operate in different conditions. This helps them find out how create different nuclear energy. You must go through a security check if you are conducting research for the governmental . I would almost always have to work indoors and wear protective gear almost all the time. I would work near people most of the time. The working conditions can get harsh and dangerous due to radiation.

More on the Job

For this magnitude of a job there is a good amount of employers in Wisconsin. Yet there are still a lot more employers around the nation. It is a job that interests me but I do not see myself doing this job I the future. Some pros of this job would be getting to work worth other people and seeing what different radioactive atoms and elements do. Some cons would be having to wear all the protective gear and the dangers of the radioactive materials and waste.

Employer: R Stresau Laboratory Inc.

Location of job: Spooner, Wisconsin. Northwest Region

Salary: Wisconsin: Entry $90,410 a year

Median $112,310 a year

Experienced $166, 400+ a year

National: Entry $67,250 a year

Median $99,920 a year

Experienced $142,290 a year