Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life


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Mrs.Billingsly's Apartment

Mrs.Billingsly's apartment is important to the book because it is where Jeremy and Lizzy find out the truth about a person in the book.When they go to her apartment to deliever a package they find out that she didnt even know it was coming or what was inside.
Jeremy and Lizzy found a box made by Jeremy's father when Jeremy was younger. After finding the box Jeremy and Lizzy keep trying to find all four of the keys needed to open the box before Jeremy's birthday. They go around the city to many different places collecting different keys to see if they can find the four missing keys. After they find a whole suitcase full of keys they sit in Jeremy's room and try them in the box one by one,they find three of the four keys. On Jeremy's birthday he is upset when he still doesn't have all four keys,but when he opens his gift from Lizzy he finds out that she took the missing key to give to him on his birthday. Lizzy later takes Jeremy's box out of her backpack surprising him again. When Jeremy unlockes the box he finds a letter from is dad.
The conflict of this novel is man vs. self:Jeremy vs. finding the keys.
The book ends with Jeremy and Lizzy finding all the keys and opening the box.The conflict in our story is resolved because the conflict is that the four keys go missing.Jeremy is the main character and he doesn't change through out the story.