LEAD TCML introduces future leader : Dang Pham

Interview with Dang Pham about his perception on Leadership

Dang is 24 years old and from Vietnamese descent. Dang is a 3rd year student enrolled in the program Trade Management to Asia at the Rotterdam Business School. Dang is currently preparing for his year abroad in Vietnam. There he will attend the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City for four months and after that he plans to do an internship in an international company. Dang is currently undertaking an elective in Personal Leadership Development.

The following is an interview with Dang about his background, unique capabilities and his perception on Leadership.

Dang Pham, tell us about yourself!

I am of Vietnamese descent. My parents fled the country after the Vietnam War to provide us a different life and an opportunity to grow up in a different environment . I feel connected to Vietnam. I have been to Vietnam on multiple occasions for holiday. However, during my studies this year in Vietnam, I will be able to experience the everyday life of my people for the first time. In addition, I look forward to learning more about the way Vietnamese companies conduct businesses.

Unique Leadership style

What makes Dang Pham so unique?

The world we live in today has a population of over 7 billion people. And each and every one of those people are unique. Everyone stands out by their core values, passions and their strengths.

My values are to stay true to myself, and to never obtain success by using people as mere tools. I care about others and how I make them feel. For example, I love to cook, because it makes me happy to see other people smile eating my meals. My strengths are my creativity, my ability to stay levelheaded in difficult times, and the ability to place myself in other people’s shoes. I am also very passionate about staying fit and healthy.

What does leadership mean for Dang Pham?

To me a leader is someone who aims to become an exceptional manager to lead others into a future which is attractive enough for them to be a part of. leadership is a skill that I wish to master the most. To many a leader and a manager are the same. However I see it differently. I will explain.

Being a manager is just a role one fullfils within his/ her company. Without a team a manager would still be considered a manager. A leader on the other hand, when without people to lead, a leader cannot possibly be a leader. It’s as simple as that. Another difference is transactional and transformational leadership. To me, transactional is more management and transformational is more leadership.

Leadership is to be able to figure out what makes your team tick. The leader’s job is finding the employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Then utilizing these strengths effectively, and at the same time to coach employees to be the best they can.

"I LEAD myself in order to lead others", Dang Pham

How do you see yourself as a leader?

As a leader I would want to use my unique characteristics to earn the trust and respect of my team. I want to be involved with my employees, peers and business partners, so that I can really understand what drives them and to create lasting results for all. I also acknowledge that at times, a leader must distance himself from the team, in order to make the necessary decisions. This is how I see myself as a leader.

How would you like to help others discover their unique leadership style?

Similar to my understanding of leadership in the past, I don't think that people really grasp or understand what (authentic) leadership is about. I would strongly encourage people to learn more about leadership either by reading about it or taking courses. Remember, there is no such thing as a natural born leader, just people born with the will to lead.

What are your long-term goals?

My long-term goals are to find a job that I love to do and that would fit well with my unique talents. After that, I would like to start a family. And when the funds permit, I want to open my very own coffee house.

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