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This year IUSD students who would normally take the Science Statewide test (5th, 8th, and one highschool grade level) will be piloting the California Science Test (CAST)

The Purpose of the Pilot: The main purpose of the pilot is to test the functionality of various item types. Since the pilot is a ‘test of the test’ and not a test of student performance, no scores will be reported for the CAST. The first operational year of the CAST will be 2018-19 (this is the first year students will receive scores).

Link to cde CA Science Test Informational Video

* The materials below are geared toward the previous State Testing for Science.

Grade 4 McGraw Hill Review Activities

Grade 5 McGraw Hill Review Activities

Interactive Texts and Workbooks for Grades 1-6 (only 4 and 5 needed)

4th and 5th Grade Review PowerPoint

4th and 5th Grade Science Olympics

4th and 5th Grade Jeopardy Review - must download to play

Quizlet CST Review Folder

2008 Released Test Questions

2009 Released Test Questions

4th and 5th Grade Study Guides and Vocab Cards

4th Grade Interactive Text

5th Grade Interactive Text