The Sun

Kaleb Williams

The Sun

The Sun is the mother of our Galaxy, who keeps us at the right temperature. This is what this smore is about today.


The Core is the center of the Sun. The Core is made up of Hydrogen, with some other gases. But Hydrogen is the main contributor of its core.

Radiative Zone

In the Radiative zone, energy generated by nuclear fusion moves outward by electromagnetic radiation. In other words, the energy is conveyed by photons.

Convective Zone

The Convective zone moves farther away from the core than the radiative zone. At this point, turbulent convective motions occur, similar to a pot of boiling water.


The Photosphere is considered the surface of the sun.


The Chromosphere is the layer above the Photosphere. It appears as a red glow around the sun and is almost transparent.


The Corona is only seen during a solar eclipse. The outermost layer of gases that surround the sun.

Sun Spots

Sun spots are dark spots that appear on the surface of the sun. They seem to appear in an 11 year cycle.
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This is huge arches (loops) of glowing gas that extend outward from the Sun's surface.
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This is explosions occurring on the sun that occur near sunspots.
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This is massive bursts of solar wind and magnetic fields that is released in to space.
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