Introduction to Photoshop

Complete these steps in class 03/18 & 03/19


Mrs. Carpenter will be out Monday, March 18. Please complete the following steps in class on 03/18 & 03/19.
You will be beginning to work with Photoshop! This is going to be so exciting!

Watch This Beginning Photoshop Tutorial, "Your First Rendezvous With Photoshop"

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your way through Photoshop. Open Photoshop on your own computer to follow along as you watch!
Click to watch the video

Complete the Photoshop Toolbar Worksheet

After you watch the introductory video, open the Photoshop Toolbar worksheet from Moodle, and complete it, then submit in Moodle for grading.

Watch These Two Photoshop Tutorials

After you complete the Photoshop Toolbar Worksheet, watch each of the tutorial videos listed below. Be prepared to recall the most important information on a quiz next class!

Photoshop Video #2: "Bridge is Going to be Your Best Friend"
Photoshop Video #3: "Pixels, Image Size, & Resolution in Photoshop"

Done? Continue to Explore this Awesome Program!

Done with all the videos and toolbar worksheet?
Click to view all of the Photoshop Videos

Want More?

Explore the web and test your skills, try to do the following:
  • Change an image to black & white
  • Add a texture to an image
  • Add text to an image
  • How to draw shapes in Photoshop
(hint: type those exact lines in Google and search, or search through Pinterest!)