BHS Bucks Principal's Update

2020-2021 Back to School Edition

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Dear BHS students and families,

Welcome back Bucks and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! The start to this year is one like we have never seen before. We have spent countless hours planning for a safe return to school as many things had to change in order to comply with safety measures. I have attached a link to the Building Specific Protocols document to help you understand all the policies, procedures and expectations that we have in place at BHS for this school year, not just for students, but for parents, teachers, custodial staff, and administration. In the sections below I have tried to highlight those expectations, but I ask that each parent and student review the protocols in place for the HIGH SCHOOL building. Knowing that all students and staff at the high school must wear a mask at all times (except for eating) is an important policy that we will strictly enforce. If your student is not willing to comply with this request, I ask that you consider a virtual option. Unfortunately, all students who refuse to comply with mask wearing will be sent home. This is a policy that can not and will not be disregarded.

Buchanan High School’s mission is to prepare students for life by ensuring that no matter what our students face within and beyond the school walls, our students can effectively cope with success, failures, challenges, humility, integrity and dignity. We strive to prepare our students with resilience, the courage to make tough decisions, the knowledge to know what is right, and the integrity needed to make those right choices. By partnering with parents and the community, we can succeed in that mission.

Every student in the building is given the opportunity to receive a Chromebook. We take responsible technology use seriously at Buchanan and think of these devices as necessary class materials; much like the textbooks of the past. We will be requiring that students bring their Chromebooks to class, charged and ready to use. Information regarding the Device Protection Plan is included in the Back to School packet. It is not mandatory to participate, but a very good idea to consider. Again, we will be relying heavily on student Chromebook use to access course materials in Google Classroom. All students should take advantage of the opportunity to accept the district provided Chromebook.

I am looking forward to seeing our talented students and staff fill the halls with laughter and eventually I'm going to get to see those beautiful smiles. Our engaging teaching staff will be ready to challenge our students with academic, artistic, and athletic rigor to build a resilient and hard-working Bucks community. Together we are making Buchanan High School a place where students, parents, and staff are proud to come to each day.

It’s always a great time to be a Buck!

Mrs. DeMaio

School begins September 8. Buchanan High School hours are 7:40 AM - 2:40 PM (2:15 on Wednesdays)

8th grade Orientation

This year 8th graders will participate in a different kind of orientation. Students and parents will be invited to a Drive-Thru specifically for 8th graders. An email invitation from Mrs. DeMaio will be sent to all 8th graders to attend. This event will happen on Wednesday, Sept 2 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm. Students and parents should plan to attend together to complete required forms and agreements, pick up district provided Chromebooks, and their schedules. When finished, students can stop at the Middle School to pick up their yearbooks from last year. We will plan a tour for 8th graders on their first day of school.

Student Schedules

Students grades 9-12 are able to check PowerSchool online the weekend before school starts and should check again first thing in the morning Sept 8th to get their schedules. 8th grade students will receive their Back to School packets and schedules during their Drive-Thru event. Students who are unable to attend can pick up their packet in the gym on the first day.

Please remember the first week of school is exceptionally busy in the guidance office, consequently there will be no student appointments the first two days of school. If you must request a schedule change, a Schedule Request form should be completed in as much detail as possible so the change can be made quickly to get students on the right track for the year. If a schedule change is needed before school begins, please email Mr. Flowers at, Mrs. Barlow at, or call 695-8403 (option #4) to leave a message. Don't forget to be as detailed as possible!

Lockers / Bathrooms / Water

Buchanan High School will NOT be using lockers this year. Students should only bring to school the items necessary for the day.

Bathrooms will be closed during passing periods. Students will receive a pass from their teacher once class starts. Only ONE student is allowed out of the classroom at a time. Grade levels will have assigned bathrooms.

Students should carry their own personal and reusable water bottle to be used at the water filling stations in the building. Students should refrain from using the fountain to drink from directly.

All entry doors in the morning will remain locked except the cafeteria doors.

All students (bus riders, walkers, and drivers) must enter the cafeteria doors in the morning. The cafeteria entrance opens for breakfast at 7:00AM for bus riders and 7:20 for all others. A full breakfast and lunch will be served on the first day of school. After school, buses will park on Phelps Street. Pick-ups, before buses depart, may be on Chicago or Detroit Streets. If you are picking up your student during the school day, please use the front entrance.

Visitors to the Building

As much as we'd love to have you stop by, please refrain from doing so! No visitor will be allowed past the front office, and any business that can be done from the front vestibule will be. We're sorry if this doesn't look welcoming, we are doing our best to keep our office employees safe.

Parents should ensure all student contact information is up to date, and ensure there are multiple prearranged methods of getting a student home who has become ill. Any emergency contacts that a parent designates as able to pick up their student must be in PowerSchool.

PowerSchool and Parent Communication

Buchanan Community Schools will continue to use PowerSchool to enable students and parents to view current data: grades, attendance, contact information, the Daily Bulletin for student announcements, etc. You are encouraged to check PowerSchool often! If you need assistance logging in to PowerSchool please contact the High School office and someone will be able to assist you. Parents should be vigilant in reading communications sent from the high school.

Please return all forms and agreements by September 9, 2020

Registration verification forms are new this year. Please verify all information is correct and send back to school with your student. Please be sure all forms (Field Trip Permission, Concussion Awareness, Student Handbook, Internet Access form, Device Protections Plan Agreement and Picture Day Order form) are returned on Wednesday, September 9.


Senior Advisors

Senior advisors are Mrs. Hess ( and Mrs. Neal ( Please attend the upcoming Senior Meeting (invitations will be sent to senior emails) for insights into the senior year, including costs! More Senior information will be coming as the year continues. Please make sure to regularly check out the senior website for all announcements, dates, and important information at

Check your senior schedule to be certain all graduation requirements have been met. If in doubt, see Mrs. Barlow ASAP! The minimum number of credits to be considered a senior is 16. Class of 2021 graduates must complete four years of high school and obtain 22 credits; 18 of which are specific requirements. See Mrs. Barlow if you have questions or concerns.

College Applications

Mrs. Barlow will be assisting all seniors with college applications, financial aid, and scholarships. A college application is never complete until your transcript is forwarded to the college. Please request all transcripts through the student’s Parchment account. Students will be instructed on how to set up a Parchment account at the start of the school year. The free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be available at http://FAFSA.GOV in October 2020.


The BUCHANAN PROMISE is available to all Buchanan seniors who meet the eligibility requirements: lives within the school district and is a BHS graduate. 2021 graduates can apply for The Promise scholarship after October 1, 2020. (For more complete information regarding the Buchanan Promise go to Don’t forget, there are also many other scholarship opportunities offered to Buchanan seniors in addition to The Promise. As those scholarships become available for application, Student Services will email seniors and post on the Guidance website, and senior advisors will post the information on the Senior Website. It is the student’s obligation to follow through on these opportunities; please encourage your senior to use the resources offered to all BHS students to stay connected and informed.

Off-Campus Students

LMC, EMC, ECA & Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment at LMC, Early Middle College, and The Bertrand Early College Academy, and MSC begin September 8. Transportation will be provided on September 8 for these students – the bus leaves at 7:10AM from Phelps Street.


CTE programs begin September 9, with transportation. If your student plans on driving or riding as a passenger to an off-campus class with his/her own transportation, there is a driver/passenger form that must be completed and signed by both parents/guardians as well as the student and turned into Mr. Frey.

Material regarding transportation for off-campus classes along with a required student CONTACT CARD will be given to our off-campus students at a meeting held on September 8. Students with AM CTE or Dual Enrollment classes should meet at 11:00AM in the Culinary Cafe. Students with PM CTE or Dual Enrollment classes should meet at 11:15AM in the Culinary Café.

Dual Enrollment and Bertrand Academy

Students who have dual enrollment or Early College Academy should contact the college directly if you have specific questions about a class. Your dual enrollment classes follow the campus calendar of LMC. Again, classes for LMC begin September 8. Please read the communication sent to you by LMC to get information on picking up books from the LMC Bertrand Campus Bookstore.

Off-Campus students who are on campus without a class

When returning from an off campus class and waiting for your next class to start, students will wait in the competition gym on the bleachers until classes begin. No students will be allowed to visit other classrooms, sit in the hallway, or loiter in any other part of the building.

From Mr. Pruett, Assistant Principal

The student handbook and Code of Conduct is posted at the Buchanan High School Website under the INFORMATION then STUDENTS tabs. A printed copy is also available upon request to the Assistant Principal’s office.


To excuse absences please email or call 695-8403, option #1. The school’s phone will take messages 24-hours a day. Teachers will allow makeup work if an absence is excused within 24 hours.

Lunch Policy

Buchanan High School has a closed lunch policy. All students must remain on campus during the lunch hour unless they are enrolled in an off-campus program. Please read the section on LUNCHES in the Building Specific Protocols document.

In order to speed up the lunch lines, please have your school IDs from last year if you have it and plan to eat school lunch. Students will not be allowed to key in their own lunch account number.

Parking Permits

We are once again offering designated parking spots to each of our driving students. For $5.00, students are guaranteed their own parking spots during school hours. All vehicles in the parking lot must display the proper parking permit and may only park in assigned areas. Driving students must purchase permits from the main office downstairs. Parking permits will be sold on a first come first served basis by grade level. Seniors may begin purchasing permits on Tuesday, September 8, juniors on Wednesday, September 9, and all other student drivers on Thursday, September 10. Parking permits go into effect on Friday, September 11. Please refer to the parking policy found in the student handbook for more information.

Owes List

Any student who failed to turn in a book or other school property at the end of the previous school year, WILL NOT RECEIVE any course material, including a Chromebook, for the current school year until their account is balanced. Contact the assistant principal’s office, 695-8403, option #1, with questions regarding owed materials.

Dress Code

Please keep our dress code in mind when purchasing school clothes and masks. If your student’s clothing (including facial coverings) is considered distracting to the classroom environment, the student will be removed from that classroom and given an option: change, call home to have someone bring appropriate clothing, or call home to receive permission to leave. Your student will not return to class until this is resolved.

Cell Phone Policy

  • Students may use personal communication devices (PCDs) before and after school, during their scheduled lunch times, and in between classes as long as they do not create a distraction, disruption or otherwise interfere with the educational environment. Use of PCDs, except those approved by a teacher or administrator, at any other time is prohibited and must be powered completely off (i.e., not just set to vibrate or silent mode) and stored out of sight.

  • If a student’s device is turned into the office for inappropriate use, it will remain there until it can be picked up by a parent/guardian of that student.

Directory Information

The policy of Buchanan Community Schools is to disclose directory information in reference to students. There are occasions that certain information, which is not considered harmful and is not an invasion of privacy, will be released. Information such as name, activities involved in, awards received, etc. may be in the best interest of the student when released. The No Child Left Behind Act, Section 9528, requires high schools to release the names and addresses of junior and senior high school students to the military when requested. If you do not wish information of any kind to be released, please notify the school in writing within ten days.

Buchanan High School

High School: 695-8403

(option #2) Stacey DeMaio, Principal

Abby Cantu, Administrative Assistant

(option #1) Brian Pruett, Assistant Principal

Miranda Capron, Attendance & At-Risk Interventionist

(option #4) Student Services

Sonia Barlow, Counselor

Brandon Flowers, Counselor

Sue Lentz, Administrative Assistant

(option #3) Mark Frey, CTE Director

(option #5) Karin Falkenstein, Special Education Director