About Maritza

Maritza is a 17 year old girl from Medillin, Columbia, who had one foot in violence, and on foot out.

Her Family Life.

Her life at home is bad. Whenever somthing breaks by accident because of Maritza, her mother beats her with an electrical wire. She ran away by the time she as 11. After coming home to yet more beatings, she joined a gang called "The Mexicans" and started getting high off drugs. Her mom and step-dad get drunk a lot and drink all away the money they made from working off the streets.

Enviornment and Neighborhood

The streets of her city are poor and dirty. When she ran away, living on the streets was harder than living at home, and there was less food. There are two main gangs, "The Mexicans" and "La Libertad".

Events that may have influenced her

Something that may have influenced her to work for pace is the dance battle that they had. She liked how the two gangs did something together, and there was no violence, even if for only a little while. Something else that may have influenced to work for peace is Beto. He always tried talking to her, and he may have changed her mind about working for peace.

Has she been threatened?

Maritza has been threatened with her friend Fabio at a garage dance party. They were both threatened by a gang and told they were going to be kiled, but luckly Maritza knew some people there, and they were able to get away unharmed.

Why did she choose to fight for peace?

She choose to fight for peace because the violence was vast and insane, it was everywhere. She also choose to fight for freedom because Beto talked her into it. She tried to make peace with gangs as well, but with little avail.

What Maritza impressed me with the most.

Something that impressed me about Maritza is that she managed to get two gangs together, even if just for a little while with no fights, and they had a dance battle.

If I had to ask to her a question..

If I had to ask Maritza a question, it would be:  Why didn’t she denouce her mother earlier? What held her back?