Raw Food Diet

By: Ashlee Wiltshire


  • Excellent dental health
  • Raw food has higher nutrient values
  • Raw fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants

facts that are suspicious of the claims

  • Uncooked foods can cause illness, and can not be correctly clean.
  • food poising is a big issue
  • Certain parasites and bacteria can linger on uncooked foods

What you can/cant eat

Can: raw eggs, fish, fruits, milk, and vegetables

Cant: pasteurized milk, cooked meat, cooked vegetables

How does it compare to the food pyramid?

  • You still need your 2,000 calories.
  • You are eating the same foods on the pyramid, they are just not processed or cooked.

Why would people choose this diet

They are desperate for a way to lose weight, and think that if you take the "processing" out it will make it healthier and natural.

health issues

  • under weight
  • food poisoning
  • loss of nutrients