Saving Antarctica

With Renewable Energy

Diesel, A Waste Of Money.

As renewable energy is environmentally friendly, cheaper and renewable, so why not use it? It's a waste living in a isolated place without it. Renewable Energy could be the difference of success and failure.

Using Wind Power

Another efficient way to conduct energy is to use Wind Power. A sensible reason to choose this is that Antarctica usually has blizzards. Also usually gust of winds come from all directions. This can be used as a great affect.These turbines must be STABLE as polar caps may case a problem adding to the intensity of the wind. Antarctica is known for its gust and severe weather. And also, if you want good to come to human kind, you wouldn't care about the animals that come into contact with the turbines.

Using Geo-Thermal Energy

One profitable way of obtaining energy is to use Geo-Thermal energy. It is the heat coming from beneath the ground's surface. But can we use it? Not much life is found there. But we can! Geo-Thermal is already used in may parts of Ireland and has been used across ice lands before being used everywhere.As this may sound foolish, but even in intense weathers Geo-thermal is still a useful generator. Deep inside the solid ice lies on heat to! Geo-Thermal energy could be the key to a successful town\village. BTW, this Is our back-up plan.

Price $$$ or £££

You won't need to worry about the cost of the turbines. The model G.E. makes costs 1.5 million dollars, 2 million installed for a wind turbine or a very powerful one at the price of 3 million dollars adding to the price of 1\2 million for the installation and 1 to 5 million for the Geo-Thermal turbine.


As you can see below, Antarctica is divided into Territorial Claims. As we are only representing Australia, we can only provide renewable energy turbines in the regions shaded in violet. Wind turbines will be placed along the coast while Geo-Thermal turbines would be placed away from shore inland.Also below that (and that),is a snip from a world I made from Google SketchUp. It will show what Antarctica will look (but more animated and worse) like if the Prime Minister grants us the award. By the way, the green parts are basically water\ice.Also the flag should be Australian not U.S.A.

TED Talk Video

This video below will explain to you why renewable energy is our future (and fossil fuels aren't).By the way it mainly focus on Japan.

Renewable Energy Is Our Future: Eric Martinot at TEDxTokyo