Relay for life

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Luminaria is the point of the night when all the lights go out and surrounding the track are bags light with tea lights to honor someone who passed away from cancer, a survivor, or someone going through cancer. We all ramain silent during the ceremony to show respect for those people

Why To Relay

Don't we all want to be the change we want to see in our world? It all starts with a single step. You don't need to be athletic or flawless to do something great, we all have the power to make a change, we just need to knock down our barriers and dust our selves off. We all can do it ,use your will power and believe in yourself.

Why People Do Relay

At least every person knows one person who has or who is going through this devastating thing called cancer. It's hard to see people struggle doing everyday activities because the treatment has weakened them. We can one day change this there will be no loss or devastation due to a cancer. Each year globally, about 14 million people learn they have cancer and 8 million people die from the disease. It is estimated that 1,660,290 people in the United States will be diagnosed with some type of cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society. That number breaks down to 854,790 men and 805,500 women.
Relay For Life 2014 Video

Relay For Life

Friday, April 11th, 7pm-8:30am

2900 Upper Park Rd

Orlando, FL