Store Bought Cake Makes Life Easy!

Want To Be Happy Even When The Cake Is Gone?


Live from The Cake Lady Bakery: Scientists around the world have discovered that store bought cakes have nutritious ingredients that stimulate the happy endorphin's in the brain that will make you enjoy life more. Since the scientists have discovered this fact, people all around the world are purchasing cakes that are premade. The demand for store bought premade cakes have risen to an extreme!

No More Cake!

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Reporting live from Memorial Hermann hospital: A recent study has been found that cake causes obesity. People are cutting out cake completely. Everyone is consuming brownies in place of cake. The demand for brownies has skyrocketed.

Got Milk?

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A person purchases a cake from the grocery store bakery, their next question is, "What can I serve along with the cake?" Milk is a great complement for cake. There is nothing better than a moist cake washed down with a big glass of milk.

Friendswood Is Booming!


The little town of Friendswood, Texas is not so little anymore! The population has enlarged by numerous amounts of people. As more people are brought in, there are more birthdays to celebrate! More birthdays means more cake! The demand for store bought cake has swelled considerably.

Prices Rise!


Reporting live from Rise Cakes located right here in the heart of Friendswood, Texas: Prices for cakes have increased tremendousley. The demand for store bought cake has risen to an extreme. The prices for store bought cakes are expected to increase within the newt few weeks.