Update Regarding New Mask Ordinance

Richards, 3461 CR 1710, West Plains MO 65775, 417-256-5239

Important Information to Parents & Students

1. Is Richards School in the city limits of West Plains?

Yes, according to our city administrator we are in the city limits of West Plains and therefore we must abide by this ordinance.

2. What does this ordinance require during the school day?

Section 3 – Article 2 of this ordinance excuses the day to day operation of public and private schools, however we do have to enforce this ordinance at any events which are open to the general public and held at our facility.

3. Will my child and his/her teacher be wearing masks during the school day?

Richards School still continues to “encourage” masking when we are unable to socially distance, however this ordinance does not make it a requirement during our day to day operations while school is in session for adults or students.

4. Will my child and his/her teacher be wearing masks during events after school that are open to the public such as a concert or ballgame?

All persons age 10 and above will be required to wear a mask or shield during events open to the public or they will be considered in violation of the ordinance and are subject to a penalty by city officials.

5. What will this mean when I attend a basketball game?

Richards School will post signs at the doors and around the gymnasium area during ballgames stating that use of face coverings is required by those entering the games. We will also offer facemasks to anyone who enters without a mask.

6. What happens if I refuse to wear a face covering while at a ballgame?

At that point the potential penalty for refusing to comply will fall on the individual and can be administered by officials of the City of West Plains, not the district. As per the ordinance, “Any person who shall violate the provisions of this ordinance shall, upon conviction, be punished as provided in Section 1-1 of the City Code. However, any fine assessed shall not exceed $100.”

7. Is anyone exempt from wearing a mask as per the ordinance?

We have highlighted Section 6 - Article 3 which exempts anyone engaged in a sporting activity which would be our players and coaches during the game. Please see Section 6 of the ordinance for the other 17 exempted activities.

Please reference the West Plains Mask Ordinance below for your review. We will be more than happy to explain anything else to you (that I know) on this ordinance if you have questions.


Melonie Bunn, Ed.D.


Richards R-V School District

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