Jane Ball Happenings

March 23-March 27

Shout Outs

Huge shout outs to Kindergarten, Lori, Pam Chrissy Title personnel and Marcie for a successful Kindergarten Roundup. We had a great turn out! There was much going on Pam hung tight in the office while Lori and crew handled the sign ups and testing. Well done all!

Kayla on my awesome letters posted in the hallway! The letters made my day!

Whole staff on your flexibility with all the reschedules this week.

Social Studies Update

Reminder Team Leaders will be meeting at Central Office on April 9.

McGraw Hill WILL not be available that day.

McGraw CAN come on April 7th. Mrs. Tracy would like to invite ALL K-2 staff for a voluntary meeting at 3:45-4:45 based on the previous feedback she received from K-2 teachers. I will give you more information as to location.

Jeffrey Ballinger Fundraisers

So proud of our students and staff with such big HEARTS! We raised over $1000 for Jeffrey's mom for crazy sox day! Some of the staff was asking about the go fund me page. Here it is:

Go Fund Me Page:


Teacher Evaluation Updates

Corporation Discussion committee met last week. We are contacting the vendor to update some of the final scoring features.

Also it was decided that May 1 is still the due date for all Formative Observations BUT May 15 is now the due date for artifacts and PGPs. I will still do a post conference as we scheduled( It will just be about your formal observation and current status) but your final evaluation will not be until after the May 15th due date. Also I do not need to mark every item on a observation (only what is applicable).

At this point you should have signed up for your observation and post conference. If you have not you will need to see Lori as I have turned off the google doc to avoid any confusion. Again if you want to set up time with me or drop in after school to help with lesson plans or concerns PLEASE let me know. I appreciate your flexibility as we work through this process this year.

Sharing is Caring

Julie Caffarini shared Happy Numbers.com

I will email a ppt she put together. Julie stated that the students loved it. It provided higher level of thinking, too. Students saw different ways to solve equations and use of cubes for +/- equations.


It looks like an awesome website! Thanks Julie for sharing this! AND ITS FREE!

Jane Ball Arts Week!

Reminder about the assembly on Monday from April

We will be having an assembly on Monday March 23rd at 1:30pm. Pam will call you down to the gym. We will have two guest speakers that will be talking about careers in art and music (15 minutes each). After they are done the 4th graders will be playing their concert for you. The total assembly will be done no later than 3pm.

Kepshire's class will be called down first then grade 5, 4, etc. Please make sure you fill in the bleachers from the top down (we had some issues with this friday) K and 1 will be on the floor. Grade 4 will need to be in the middle of the bleachers to perform.


We will be using the same forms we used last year for retentions. I will be meeting with staff this week to determine who we will need to schedule a meeting with. Remember that all retentions need to be data driven and there needs to be evidence of communication with families and interventions. I will be going over this with the teams. I will email copies of the retention forms for teachers. Next week I will schedule meetings with grades K-2. If grades 3-5 need a meeting please contact me to set this up. You do not need to have your forms done for these meetings. This meeting is to identify who you have concerns about and talk about the procedures.

What's Happening


8:00 Kindergarten Retention Meeting with Deb

1:30 Arts Assembly

2:45 Case conference- Kepshire/Snedden


8:00 Team meetings

8:00 Case Conference Buchholz/Snedden/Cullison

5:30 pm Art Show

6:30 pm Recorder Concert


COSTCO visit

8:00 RTI (Grade 1 teachers are excused from RTI if they need time for PREP)

8:00 Case Conference

12:15 Grade 1 Retention Meeting


8:00 Climate Meeting Rescheduled

8:30 Assessment Design Team


8:00 Retention meeting Grade 2

9:00 Tornado Practice followed by Drill

SPRING BREAK!!!!! WOOHOO! Rest!!!!!!