westwar expansion



The westward expansion stretched from the Mississippi river to Rocky Mountains, candida to new ordain and so on. The Jefferson westward expansion is the key to national health. Some families kids and slaves were named after stats. Nearly 7 million Americans -40 present of the nation’s populations lived in the trains .the pioneers wagons could not Cary more than 20,000 pounds.

about the westward expanson

In the 800s thousands of Americans traveled from their homes in the east and Midwest to new lives. In the west-a time know as westward expansion .Jamestown was located about 60 miles (94 kilometers) from the Chesapeake Bay in what is now Virginia. The government helped people settle to the west by selling tracts of land to any settler who could afford it. Settlers had to leave friends and family’s behind knowing that they may never see each other again. Oxen were stronger than horses so they usually puled the wagon.

pioneers wagons

pioneers traveled in a wagon called a cover wagon. the wagon could not cray more than 20,000 pounds. there would be 4 to 7 wooden hoops . family's traveled in the wagon and the dad would be leading the oxen. the reason why they call it a cover wagon is because there is leather over it.

peoples names

some peoples names were named after states. kids were kids were after states like Virginian. slaves were names too like Georgia and Carolina. pioneers had slaves named from states and they had Nike names.


the westward expansion was part of amazing history. in the 800s thousands of Americans traveled from their homes and had to leave their loved ones. pioneers traveled in wagons. some slaves were named after states.


I got all this info from Google and the book westward expansion in the united states.

BY:Nell Musolf.