Spotlight on...Orthodontist

By Colby Sadtler

What do Orthodontists do?

Orthodontists specialize in making your smile better. They straighten your teeth and make sure your mouth is healthy.

Education required

To pursue the career of being an orthodontist, you must complete a four-year undergraduate degree (usually bachelor's of science) before moving on to a dentistry school. Degrees are not required; however, it is highly recommended for a resume.

Schools in Virginia that offer this education?

VCU offers dentistry programs that a lot of people suggest. Northern Virginia Community College also offer dentistry; however, VCU is mainly preferred.

Experience Needed

To be an orthodontist, you must go through dentistry school, and then move up into orthodontist position.

Average Pay?

The average orthodontist gets payed $15.95 an hour.
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