Happy 10th Birthday eTwinning

Best wishes to eTwinning from Ms Claudine's year 4 class.


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We love eTwinning! Happy 10th birthday from us all.

What is eTwinning? by Norton Cilia

eTwinning is a place were children can expose their pictures and videos done in class. Other kids, can comment about other children's work. Places like Italy, have eTwinning projects too. Last year, our school St. Ignatius Siggiewi Primary, came second in the eTwinning project.

I like Etwinning as I can comment on other children's work and learn from it. It is also helping us to socialise and make new friends.

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Some info about our project. by Ylenia Schembri

Our class Parrots 4.1 is doing a project for e-Twinning. Our project is called We Explore, We Create, We Evaluate…We Are Digikids. It is about how we students from Malta communicate, share and learn via digital tools. These digital tools include chatting, e-mail, video conferencing, photography and twinspace. Twinspace was created to stay in contact with our European partners and learn about the diversity of cultures within Europe and perhaps learn to appreciate ours more. The main objective behind this e-twinning project is to learn to use digital tools to share and exchange information and values. This is a means where we are open up to the world and learning is far beyond our school walls!

Researching about our partner countries. by Luke Psaila

At the beginning of our project the teacher gave us some questions to research about Ireland and Italy . We used the ipad to google for information and pictures. Our information was then presented on a popplet (see 3 of our poppets below). We had a lot of fun doing it!

What is a Twinspace? by Mikhail Abela

A Twinspace is a tool found in eTwinning. We use it to communicate with our partners from other countries like Spain and Italy. In it we can upload and share the work that we do at school like crafts and photos. We can also comment on the things we like, that our partners send. By doing this we improve our ICT skills which are important and can be used in every subject we study at school and in our everyday life.We state our different opinions and share our different ideas if we want. It is safe because the access is protected by a password and accessible only by members. There is no risk of meeting other people and talking to strangers. Our twinspace can be found here:


Christmas cards to Etwinning partners ⛄️ by Jaylee Vella

Last December , Ms Claudine told us to prepare Christmas cards to our Etwinning partners. We used old CD's and DVD's and recycled crafts. On the front we drew the face of Father Christmas. On the back we signed our names✏️. We also sent some information about Maltese traditions.We also created it on snap guide for the public to see it.

We sent the cards to our Etwinning partners in Italy and Spain. We also received a card from Italy. ✉️ We enjoyed doing these cards and we were very happy that we received a Christmas card !

QR code Treasure Hunt Maths Activity

QR Codes explained
QR Coding in Our Classroom - Year 4.1 - Ms Claudine
Italian Partners preparing a quiz for us.

The Italian children are here preparing a quiz on Kahoot for us to play. First we needed to research about the topic before we play though! It was super fun.

Italian partners playing our Kahoot quiz.

Here our Italian Partners are playing the Kahoot quiz we prepared for them. They enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to us they learned more about water.

Maltese children playing the Italian's Kahoot quiz.

Playing our parters' quiz about the Human Body was great fun! We researched the questions before to get good answers though! :)

Celebrating eTwinning's 10th birthday with our parents and Italian partners.

Celebrating eTwinning's 10th Birthday
eTwinning Jingle
eTwinning Animation