Joan of Arc and the Farm Life

By Emma Stoffer

Joan of Arc

•Her real name was Jeanne d' Arc

•She was born on January 6, 1412 in the village of Domremy in eastern France, and was the youngest of five siblings.

•When she was thirteen she began having visions of Saints telling her to be a good person and attend church; the Saints told her to speak with Charles VII about helping France, and after three attempts she was allowed to see the leader.

•She was sent to Orleans, France with the French Army because they were surrounded by the English.

•Wherever she went she carried a banner with religious pictures.

•In 1430 the Saints foretold that she would soon be captured by the enemy.

•They accused her of improper dress and heresy, and she was found guilty and executed.

•In 1920 she was canonized as a Saint.

The Farm Life

•New technology was created including the heavy wheeled plow and iron blade.

•The horse collar made it possible for horse to pull a plow.

•Horses pull faster than oxen and get more done.

•Water mills turn grain into flour.

•Windmills ground grains, pumped water, and cut wood.

The Roman Catholic Religion By Emma and Dylan

•A priest named Patrick traveled to Ireland to spread the Christian message.

•His success inspired others including Pope Gregory the I.

•Pope Gregory asked the monks to be missionaries.

•40 monks went to Southern Britain to teach christianity.

•Most of people in Western Europe had become Catholics by 1050.