Aleksey Shishkn

My fear would be the fear is to be a drop out unsuccessful bum.

I know people who are high school drop outs and they are doing more then fine. They are without a care In the world, but that's a 1 in a billion chance of happening to me.

Then there's college. If I want to go to college, I would have to put myself In more math classes and that means more work. I'm not lazy. It's the fact If I could understand the material and actually remember It. I know try your best, but what If your best is not good enough.


I know I had bad start with the suspension and all, but you learn from your mistakes. I know you need to try hard, but It's hard to try when you don't understand any of It. What happens, happens and I know I am In full control of my life. I just need to make the right choices and not mess up and actually show effort.