Percussion Stuff!

Sept. 15-23

Finishing the Week. . .

The weather is wreaking havoc on our plans! Friday's (Sept. 16) football game and 8th Grade Night has been moved forward to a 4:30 kick-off! This means we have to cram a rehearsal in much earlier than usual.

Students need to plan to stay after school--do NOT go home! Have some food here for

a snack to get your through until 4:45 pm. You will need to wear your 5 T-shirts and khaki pants for rehearsal. We will go directly from rehearsal to the football game and perform PRE-GAME with the 8th graders, just as we have done in the past. After pre-game, we will go up to the Commons and have pizza for dinner. Then the high school band will change into uniform and perform the half-time show in full uniform. After that, it should be a normal football game of 3rd period off, 4th period in the stands and short post game concert. All this should work just fine. . . .IF IT DOESN'T RAIN! If it rains, please be patient and listen for instructions from Mr. Becker.

Saturday we are planning a rehearsal at 9:30-11:30 am, with a nice long lunch break and then to leave around 3:30 pm for Edwardsville. See the full schedule below. Spirit Notes should also have a schedule and some information about the festival itself. Again, all this planning is good and fine. . . .IF IT DOESN'T RAIN! Rain will NOT keep the festival from happening. Edwardsville has said the event will be moved indoors in the event of rain.

Edwardsville Tiger Ambush Classic

Saturday, Sep. 17th, 9:30am-11:30pm

6161 Center Grove Road

Edwardsville, IL

Edwardsville High School Tiger Ambush Classic

Saturday –September 17th, 2016

9:30 - 11:30 am--Rehearsal on South varsity field in rehearsal clothes.

11:30--Load truck, prepare uniforms and instruments for trip to Edwardsville

12:00 pm--Lunch on your own. Go home and get some rest. Please be sure you eat before you come back to school.

3:15 pm--Arrive back at South in white dri-fit t-shirt, black socks and band shoes.

3:30 pm--Load the buses.

3:45 pm--Leave South for Edwardsville High School

4:45 pm--Arrive at Edwardsville. Unload the truck. Directions will come from Mr. Becker or Mr. Hamilton as to when to get into uniform.

6:05 pm--Move to practice field--warm-up area B.

6:10 pm--Official warm-up time on field.

6:40 pm--Move to ready gate. Pit moves to performance field.

6:53 pm--Arrive at ready gate.

7:00 pm--Performance time.

7:15 pm--Instructions from Mr. Becker, which are usually to return to the buses to change into khakis and polos.

The final band is at 9:00, there is a break, Edwardsville in exhibition then awards are at 9:45 pm. We need to be together as a group during the awards announcements.

10:00 pm--Return to buses.

10:15 pm--Leave Edwardsville for South.

11:00 pm--Arrive back at South. Unload the buses and trucks.

11:30 pm--You should be home or on your way.

You will need for the day:

Rehearsal clothes for the morning To eat lunch close to 3:00 pm

White dri-fit t-shirt black band socks

Black band shoes money for snacks/dinner AFTER we perform

Khaki pants/shorts band navy polo

Street shoes/socks

A helpful attitude and your game day performance!

Out of Class. . .

Monday, Sept. 19: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30

Tuesday, Sept. 20: Early Release 12:20 pm; Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 pm

Wednesday, Sept. 21: End of 1st six week grading period; Marching Rehearsal 5:30-8:30 pm

Thursday, Sept. 22: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 pm

Friday, Sept. 23: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 pm; TJ's Pizza Fund Raiser due

Saturday, Sept. 24: Lafayette Contest of Champions Marching Festival (TENTATIVE schedule on

9/26: Marching Rehearsal

9/27: Homecoming Rally for marchers; Marching Rehearsal; Skill #4 due

9/28: Marching Rehearsal

9/29: Marching Rehearsal

9/30: Homecoming Football Game

10/1: Homecoming Dance (No marching festival this weekend)

Current Skill Set Due Sept. 27

Freshmen: Quiz 4: p. 51 Long Tone 1D Pattern 1: Stick Control/Timing--You may choose either or the 16th note sticking patterns. The top 16th note pattern, a check pattern will top out at an 85% if performed correctly. The bottom 16th note pattern is a double sticking pattern that will earn you a 100% if performed correctly.

Sophomores: Quiz 4: p. 6A Options 1, 2, and 3 or 4: Perform Options 1, 2 and choose between options 3 or 4.

Option 1: Roll all notes. Do not stop the roll between notes. Move your arms quickly, without stopping your wrist motion, to each note.

Option 2: Follow the given sticking. When striking the upper manual, aim for the center of the bar, unless the tempo is too quick. Accuracy is important here.

Option 3: Legato stroke with wrist strokes while demonstrating understanding of a chromatic scale. Stroke should be fluid with a starting and ending point in the up position. Roll on the half notes as indicated. A perfect performance of this option will earn an 85%.

Option 4: This is the preferred option. The same as option 4, but in octaves. Use a legato stroke with starting and ending points in the up position. Be sure stroke is fluid. A perfect performance of this option will earn a 100%.

Year 3/4 Snare: Quiz 4: p. 51 Long Tone 1D Pattern 2: Stick Control/Timing--8th note check pattern followed by 16ths in the same pattern. You must use the written sticking.

Year 3/4 Mallets: Quiz 4: p. 6B Options 5: Double Verticals. Using both hands in mirroring 4ths, perform with a legato stroke starting in the up position and ending in the up position. Thumbs should be facing the ceiling in Stevens grip.

In Class. . .

We will warm-up with Skill Set #4 each day. On Tuesday we will finish our Sight Reading Quizzes and, if time, practice Symphony No. 4.

Thursday, we will practice Symphony No. 4 then split into groups with Stubernic with me, Six Slick Stix Click Licks with Chris Twombly, and Latin Fantasy with Nathan Thomas-Benke