Sport, excercise

Bump, set, spike

Sport that requires skill


I Used to......... but now

I used to........ But now

I used to not like reading and not want to read at all.

But now I like reading more and mainly about paranormal activity.

I used to like having a lot of friends and being around more friends.

But now I don't worry about having a lot of friends.

I used to not like playing volleyball and want to quit.

But now it's my favorite sport and it gets easier.

I used to think volleyball was too hard for me and too confusing.

But now I think it is easier and I have gotten the hang of it.

I used to hate school and never wanted to come to school.

But now I like coming to school to see friends and stuff.

I used to hate having the iPads and wanted the computers.

But now I think the iPads are kind of easier and I like them more.

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I Wish

I wish

I didn't have a bad cough

Someday I won't be as sick anymore

I'll be able to breathe normally out of my nose again

I wish

Someday I will meet Cameron Dallas

Summer will come fast

School will be done soon

I wish

Someday I will meet 5 Seconds of Summer

I will meet One Direction

I could get another cat

I wish

I can get my room redone

I can finish the year with good grades

I will be able to make the ace trips

We are Yoga Buddies