Teamwork at school


Why We need teamwork

This is why we need school because say that some one dropped their stuff and then no one helps the person.that's why we need teamwork and thy will ve groups so more people.will get to know her better and they will help the person. And when I use teamwork in school there is all ways a person.that does not do anything so I usually work on a small.other thing of the project with the other person.
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Teamwork strigdes

See in these picture the kids are having stigdes and they re having fun in school.I know every one says that it's boring at school.but if you have groups u might have fun watch this might not all ways have team work at school you can have teamwork.any were and this video .is about the Minons working together and having teamwork.and the Minons have the same time and next time you work together think of the Minons having fun.
The Power Of TeamWork- Good TeamWork