School Counselor Update

Mrs. Jaime Poirier --Welcome Back Issue--

Meet Mrs. Poirier

Welcome back to School Hampden Meadows' Families! My name is Jaime Poirier and this is my 11 year as a School Counselor at HMS! With two young children of my own, and 17 years as an educator, I have a great deal of experience working with children and their families. This year I will be working with ALL the students at Hampden Meadows during my monthly class lessons and will check-in with many children both individually and in small groups throughout the year.

As set forth by ASCA (American School Counselors Association), my monthly lessons will focus on three domains: Personal/Social, Academic, and College /Career. It is my goal through these monthly lessons that students will continue to grow as respectful, productive, goal-oriented citizens in our community.

In addition to working with all students during monthly lessons, I will also host small groups and meet with students individually. When I meet with your child, I reassure them that our conversation is confidential, which means it stays between the two of us. However, I do encourage them to let his/her family know that we met. Rest assured, I do contact you should it be a situation that needs your attention.

As we all know, life sometimes has its way of sending a curve ball our way. Should you or your child need my assistance throughout the year with any home or school issues, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

School Wide Expectations

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Starting Our Year With Positive and Clear Expectations!

During the first few weeks of school students will be visiting several "Expectations Stations" around Hampden Meadows. Here, students are taught the expected behavior in that school setting. We will be addressing expectations in the cafeteria, hallways, dismissal, nurse, office, and cafeteria. Teachers will then reinforce these expectations by practicing and acknowledging them throughout the year with particular emphasis these first few weeks. Throughout the year, HMS will be acknowledging those students and classrooms whom are following these expectations. As always, we as a staff, appreciate the time you take at home to reinforce the concepts of showing respect for: self, others, learning and the environment.

September Class Lesson at a Glance!

September will be a busy but fun month! I will have the opportunity to attend EVERY classroom in Hampden Meadows. Students will be learning a little bit about me, how to contact me should they want to check in with me and will learn a little more about the HMS school counseling program. After our introduction, a "Poirier Family Fued" will ensue where teams will battle in a game of "How Well Do You Know Your School Counselor?"
Over dinner this month, ask your child these questions:
1. What does confidentiality mean?
2. What are two situations where a student might need to come talk to me?
3. What are some of the activities I will be offering this school year?

I look forward to seeing your children during October when we will celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month. In early October we will learn how to put a STOP to disrespectful behavior by using the STOP, WALK and TALK protocol.

Remember to UNITE against bullying on Wednesday, October 19 and WEAR ORANGE!

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Small Groups and Individual Check-ins

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Small groups and individual check-ins will be starting soon! If you feel as though your child would benefit from one of these groups or individual check-ins, please contact me by early next week.

Group topics covered:
Stress management

Making and keeping friends
Family Illness

Executive Functioning
New Student

*If you don't see a topic that fits your child's needs, please let me know.

Please contact me directly ( or 401-247-3166) for more information.

Please Consider Signing Up as a Career Cafe Speaker!

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A little bit about Career Cafe...

September brings the beginning of Career Cafe! I am looking for volunteers to speak to students about his/her career on Mondays during the lunch hour (12-1). This is a one time commitment presenting to a group of students 10-30 students. The purpose of Career Cafe is to expose our students to various careers they might consider in the future.

I am looking for A LARGE VARIETY of occupations at varying skill/schooling levels to be represented to excite all interests levels! Please sign up using the link below.

Thank you in advance for your consideration! It is a great way to get involved at HMS with a small time commitment!

Some Pictures of Career Cafe Throughout the Years...

Contact me at Anytime!

I look forward to meeting many of you at Open House in a few weeks. Feel free to contact me throughout the year as school and family situations may arise.

My hours are 8am-3pm daily.