STEM investigation project

Matthew Schroeder


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Purpose of product

Cellphones purpose is to entertain, contact with people and share information

Original inventor and date of invention

Martin Cooper built the first phone on April 3, 1973

How it was used when origianly invented and how it is used today

Used to contact people from a distance originaly. Now it is used to play games, communicate, take and share pictures, etc.

Innovations that this product has undergone

The celphone got internet in 1999.

The cellphone got games in 1994

The cellphone got cameras which led them to take pictures in 2001.

The first cellphone became touch screen in 2007.

This artifact classification

This artifact (product) classifies with information and communication

Positve impact on society

-Lets people interact with friends and family

-Gives people entertainment

-Lets people communicate from long distances

Negative impact on society

-Cretaed less unity between families and people around them.

-Not healthy; no exercise

-Affected peoples' social lives

How science, technology, math and engineering were all used to make this product

Science- Had to invent the device to communicate and figure out how to build it

Technology- Lets people communicate, share and get entertainment

Engineering- Had to put the components together to make a cummunication device

Math- Had to find out what is the optimal size and shape

What would I change or add to this product.

I would make the screen stronger, and make the mso they can withstand more force.