Summer Ball

By: Mike Lupica


Danny has always been the star of the basketball team. His dad was an NBA player for many years so he knows how to play the game. Danny goes to a summer basketball camp but finds out he is probably the smallest one there. He needs to find a solution to his problem. He keeps getting burned by taller players on the court, and he has a coach at camp who hates him. Danny also has problems with other players at camp. A kid named Lamar hates Danny, and Lamar is way taller than Danny. At one point Danny fakes an injury to try and get out of camp but later finds encouragement from his friend. Danny practices all of his moves so he can get around those larger players. Danny and Lamar go head to head in the championship, but Danny wins and all of his hard work pays off. Danny's team goes into the camp championship and wins it by one point.