Adventures in Africa

Four Physical Features of Africa

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the best place in Africa, its the largest lake in Africa also the chief reservoir of the Nile River. Its also the most densely populated in Africa. Within 50 miles of its shores live several million people and nearly all Bantu-language, this is a great way to learn a whole new language and brag it all to your friends and families. Lake Victoria is freshwater with a wealth of fish.

Nile River

The NIle River is the most amazing river in Africa. The Nile River is 4,160 miles long from its remotest head stream in Central Africa. Nile River flows northward through parts of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burndi, and Zaire. Nile supports practically all agriculture in most densely populated parts of Egypt and furnish 20% of Sudan's total crop area. The Nile River is an important source of hydroelectric power.
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Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third-largest ocean in the world. Extending from South Asia to Anartica and from East Africa to Southern Australia. The depth of the ocean's floor is 1100 feet!!! That's deep. An extension of the Great Rift Valley, extends along most of the ocean's length.
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Red Sea

The REd Sea is a long, narrow sea that fits between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula!! Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez are the sea's arms. The Red Sea is linked with the Indian Ocean by the Gulf of Aden. Its surrounded by excessively not and dry deserts, summer water temperatures often exceeds 85 degrees fahrenheit. Time to go swimming!!!