In Italy they have lots of shops, there's many kinds of shops at Italy, there is food shops, clothes shops, toy shops and many more.


How about the flag, well, here's the colours of it green means hope, red means charity and white means faith, how good are these meanings don't you wish we had these meanings for our flag.

Picture of the flag

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What do they eat

Does anyone know what they eat, I know what they eat, they eat pasta, pizza, meat, vegetables and salad that is followed up with a cup of coffee and desert.


Italian people wear the same kind of clothes as us but a different style.

Where is it

Italy is located in South-Central Europe, that also means that Italy is near Europe.

What do they believe in

60 million people or more in Italy are Catholic and the biggest church in the world is St.Peters Basilia that is in Vatican City.

Do they sing and play instruments

Italian people sing lots and play instruments too, they will even do both at the same time.

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Author:Banks, Greg

Place:South Yarra