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Survived...A little confused but Survived


Melinda Sordino is a ninth grader at Merry-weather High school in Syracuse, New York. August before her freshman year, she and her closest friend Rachel, go to a party with seniors. Melinda meets a senior and starts dancing with him. Things escalate and she goes in a room with him and she ended up getting raped. She calls the cops and they arrest some kids. Every one at school gets mad at her and doesn't like her. She even got potatoes thrown at her, "The basketball pole apologizes and says something else, but four hundred people explode in laughter and I can't read lips" (Anderson 8). Rachel her now ex best friend, completely ignores her. Melinda doesn't speak out for help. She feels like nobody cares or wants to listen. And the one person she tells doesn't believe her.

Chacter Analysis

Melinda have multiplex physical and character attributes. She is placid because Heather will rant on about something and Melinda will nod her head and continue on. She is depressed because she stated "I bet they would be divorced by now if I hadn't been born, I am sure I am a huge disappointment" (Anderson 70). She is a guant girl that likes to wear baggy cloths. She also doesn't care much about her physical appearance because she sometimes commented about how she should probable wash her hair.


Melinda had to face both, character vs self and character vs character. She faced character vs character by having kids bully her. Some kid even thew potatoes are are. She had to face Rachel ignoring her and harassing her. She stated "There is no point in looking for my ex-friends, Our clan, the Plane Jane's, has been splintered and the pieces are being absorbed by rival factions (Anderson 9). She also had to face character vs self because she was battling depression. She would cut her wrist wit a paper clip. She feels as she isn't wanted, she said "I bet they would be divorced by now if I hadn't been born, I am sure I am a huge disappointment" (Anderson 70).

The Tree

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Melinda the fourteen year old girl, loses the ability to communicate after she is raped at a party. Instead of speaking out, she bottles up the pain insider her. Hoping that if she doesn't speak about it, she'll forget what happens to her.She find some other ingenious modes of communication in the meantime. She used her emotion in art class. She also sent distress signals by scratching her wrists with a paper clip. She learn that silence has a place and a purpose, bu that sometimes speaking loudly is risky but can be necessary. Communication is important, Melinda learned that if she doesn't speak up then no one will hear her. She learned it was risky when she talked to Rachel, Rachel said "I can't believe you. You're jealous" (Anderson 185). Melinda isn't the only one who tried to speak up. Girls at Melinda's school would write messages on the bathroom wall about Andy but wouldn't speak out.

No one wants Melinda to speak so she doesn't

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Textual Evidence

"It is easier not to say anything. Shut your trap, button your lip, can it. All that crap you hear on TV about communication and expressing feelings is a lie. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say"Anderson 9). In this quote, Melinda is honest to the reader about her belief in benefit in silence. This statement defines Melinda's behavior for much of the novel. The quote shows a strong tone that Melinda does have a voice, she just doesn't want to use it outside of her head.

Book Reiview

Speak deserves 3 stars. The pros were that it had a good moral to the story. Also the begging and the very end really hooked me and had lots of detail.The cons were that the middle was boring and like every day life, not much was developed.


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