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Fort Sumter

Between April 12-14 of 1861, the beginning of the Civil War began. It all took place in Charleston Harbor with Confederate leader Beauregard and Union leader Anderson. The Confederate were tired of the wait and began to fire upon the Union. It was an easy battle because the Union wasn’t expecting it and they ended up surrendering. On good side to this battle was that not one person died. In conclusion, this battle was a victory for the Confederates.

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The bloodiest day in American history is the battle of Antietam that took place September 16-18, 1862. On that day in Washington County, Maryland, Robert E. Lee’s and General McClellan’s troops fought. The Union had some advantages in the beginning, but it was only temporary. The battle mostly consisted of attacks and counter attacks. It consisted of about 3654 deaths if you put the number killed from the Union and Confederate sides together. There was no true winner but according to my research, Lincoln believed it was a Union victory.

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The battle of Vicksburg is another important battle you should know about. This long battle took place in Warren County, Mississippi in May-July in 1863. The Union has been making campaigns against the confederates making them feel uncomfortable. After a good time of it being anyone’s game, the Union quickly moved inward towards their camp. With the good planning by Ulysses S. Grant, the Confederates surrendered. John C. Pemberton troops were finally defeated after a long tough battle. Overall, the Union came out on top as the winners of this hard fight.

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One of the most important battles during the Civil War was the battle of Gettysburg. Between July 1-3 in 1863, the Adams County of Pennsylvania was struck with war. George G. Meade had just moved down to the troops in this area and was already about to fight a few days later. Robert E. Lee was a good general for the Confederates, but his defense shapes were conquered. This fight was tough, but the Union became the winners of the battle of Gettysburg. Soon after the battle, Lincoln gave his most famous speech of all, the Gettysburg Address.

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Sherman’s March to the Sea (Atlanta)

Sherman’s March to the Sea was a 15 mile march done by the Confederates to attack the Union on July 22, 1864 in Georgia. John Bell Hood and William T. Sherman were both good leaders and great competition for one another. The Confederates had a plan to send out troops to be distractions while they set out for a bigger mission. It didn’t work out well because the Union was ready to fight so the Southerns lost their element of surprise. It was also bad because McPherson was killed on the way from retreating. Even though it didn’t work out so well for the Southerns, this battle was added to the list of victory’s for the Union.

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Fort Fisher

In New Hanover County, North Carolina, the battle of Fort Fisher started. It tool place during January 13 through the 15 of 1865. The Union had two men in charge, Terry and Porter, and they had a plan to block off the sea ports. They also had a surprise attack planned after the ship way was closed . The 60 vessels blockaded the gates for the South to trade and made Bragg and Hoke surrender. Once again, it was another Union victory.

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Appomattox Court House

The beginning of the end of the Civil War occurred during the Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. Ulysses S. Grant had a plan to surround the Confederate troops in Virginia. After he got near, him and his troops would destroy them close at hand. It was getting harder for General Robert E. Lee to handle the attacks and surrendered to the Northern troops. The Union had another victory due to Confederates giving up on the battle. It was a rough time for the Confederates and it was obvious they were losing and that the end was coming.

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