Your "We Can" Weekend Has Arrived!

Because We Can...and we will!

Let's Get A Pep In That Step!

So we got a little lucky with last weekends weather. Thigh's and bi's were liberated and you almost turned every pair of jeans you own into cutoffs. But just because it happened to get a little cooler doesn't mean we can't dominate our 48 hours of freedom. Grab a flannel and get out and about. It's time to have fun..It's time to be an American.

"All great Americans love the weekend."

-Thomas Jefferson

What bi and thigh liberation looks like.
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This old guy about to go sky diving with a a big bundle of cash knows all about having a good time on the weekend.
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Dan's Day Is On The Way!

Don't forget we'll be hitting a CFLI Community event this Sunday. Doors open at 10am with the first wave kicking off around 10:30. If you missed the WOD the first time around here it is:

For Time:

60 Ground to Overhead (45/25 plate)

30 Lateral Burpees onto plate

1 Mile Run

40 G2OH

20 Lateral Burpees

800m Run

20 G2OH

10 Lateral Burpees

400m Run with plate

See ya then!

This weekend...

"Dance like nobody's watching..

even though they are.

you just don't care because it's the weekend."

-Mark Twain

Welcome to the Team!

Some of our newest additions to the tribe after April's 101. Welcome to the team!
You know Ellen Bilello is a Weekend Warrior
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So is Jack Murphy
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"For today is Fun Friday. Thus the weekend is coming. Party, we shall."

-George Washington

July 5th 1776

When dad says you're grounded on the weekend...
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We're not crazy..We just love weekends

One last goodbye..

Fond Farewell Bill