Big Bend National Park

By: Kelsey Ham

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Located in Texas, the Big Bend, is the most alluring park in the planet. The Big Bend, one of the most famous park in the planet, has so much to it that everyone loves to explore.


Ever since June 12th, 1944, there has been the Big Bend National Park located in Texas. The park was founded by Rio Grande and named after one of his earlier parks. Nobody really knows how the park was made. Most people think the park was made by nature. Others want to think that the park was built by Natives that lived there. Some people also believe that the park was sculpted by titanic rivers and put together by herculean mountains. Both are what the park is known for. Still, the park is chancing today and will be changing due to the weather.


With its rivers, lakes, trails, trees, mountains, and animals the Big Bend is known for all of the nature. In the aftermath of hiking on Cedar Trail you will see all the beautiful sights of the park. Cedar Trail is the most famous trail at the Big Bend. The Cedar Trail has many animals and so does the whole park. There are just about 450 species of birds, 75 mammal species, 56 reptile species, 11 amphibian species, 40 species of fish, and many species of turtles. The Big Bend has some endangered species too. Endangered means being close to extinct, but not extinct. These endangered species are the Peregrine Falcon and the Gambusia. The weather in the park is also very nice. The common temperature in the park is 61.4 degrees F. Perfect weather for a day outside. The nature is very important in the Big Bend, something the park will hopefully always be known for.


People make up parks, so even people are important. Loads of people come a year, and keep coming. About one third of a million people come a year. The Big Bend Park has campgrounds, places to camp. If you want to sleep on the campgrounds, you have to have reservations. To be able to get in, you have to pay 12 dollars a person. Buying an annual pass, is 40 dollars per pass. Parking costs money too. A motorcycle costs 20 dollars to get in and a vehicle, like a car, costs 25 dollars to get in. Most people like to sight see and kayak on the rivers. Hopefully, people always enjoy the park forever.

It's like a nature wonderland, the Big Bend

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Hobbit Hot Spring

A long time ago in a place far away, there was a park called the Big Bend, but nobody knew that’s where they were. For a long time ago, people thought they were in a town called Shwentaloo.

Well back in Shwentaloo people were ruled by a god. This god’s name was Hobbit. Hobbit was evil. He was always full of mischief. Hobbit was most powerful when it came to water. He could play with the water all day. Hobbit would make poor people dig holes in the ground. The holes had to be very deep. Once the people were done digging the holes, Hobbit would throw tons of water down the holes. Once in a while the water sprung up. When the water shot up, it was very hot.

The water was so hot people called this hot springs. People called these things the hot springs because the water sprung up and the water was very hot. People despised these hot springs. Whenever they walked and felt a bump on the ground, they had to be very careful. They would never know when the cruel god would “play” with this water. In fact, Hobbit kept making more and more hot springs. For he knew the townsfolk hated these things.

Indeed the people hated them, so the people moved away. The people moved so far away the town doesn’t even have a name.

Hobbit despised living without the Shwentaloo people, so he kept building more and more hot springs. This time Hobbit had to build them himself. Hobbit disliked living by himself. For many years later he was left alone.

Then, people came back and Shwentaloo changed to the Big Bend. Hobbit had finally learned how to treat people kindly.

More and more people come today to the Big Bend because of the kindness Hobbit has shown. Even if you go there today, you can still see the hot springs Hobbit made many years ago.

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