Air Pollution

When Will It End?

Ways We Can Prevent Air Pollution

We Can do many things to control and prevent air pollution, most we do almost every day or week.

  • Reduce, Reuse, and recycle waste materials
  • Limit burning leaves and trash
  • Use electric lawn and garden care equipment(if possible)
  • Avoid using wood burning items
  • Choose household and personal care equipment that contains low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • These are just some of the many ways.

How Air Pollution Affects Our Health

Recently scientists have discovered that air pollutants are a major trigger for asthma. Factories, Car, and power plants are some of those triggers. This affects human health because asthma is an NCD that can harm many people, and air pollution affects that. Since Air Pollution is everywhere, it makes it hard to "stay away" from it. We can do things that keep us safe and healthy and if we have asthma, limit the chance of an attack. Foods (mainly vegetables and fruits) and Water open to air pollution is not safe to eat/drink.

Issues That Air Pollution Causes All Over The World

Air pollution can cause many issues across the world, harming people, animals and the environment itself. Things we do daily like driving cars and for some, working in factories they put out dangerous and harmful amounts of pollution and we don't really realize it.

Some Recycling And Reusing Tips That Can Make A Difference

Some things we do may be small, but they help when put all together.

  • Recycling boxes and things that are made of cardboard make it so there is less trash to burn and to remove from waste sights
  • Take advantage of your leftover materials, and try to use those to decrease the amount of times you have to go to the store
Now sure this only a couple of things, but they can help make a difference.

Effects Our Visual Environment May Effect Our Health Status

The way we see our environment can have positive and negative affects on our health

  • Positive:
  • We can notice what is wrong and we can try and fix it so it is no longer an issue
  • People can make organizations, and raise money to fix the problem
  • There can be protection among the people and we can give warnings to citizens in the areas it affects and keep them safe.

  • There will be worry and fright, possibly to the extent where we cant do anything to help
  • There will be blames placed on certain things, places and people, which would lead to losing some of the things we do everyday.

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