Weekly Launch

March 4-8


Please do not take headphones from the computer lab! These are purchased specifically for the lab and we are now missing quite a few. If you have borrowed some for your students, please return them to the lab immediately. Headphones cost quite a bit of money and we don't want to have to continue to replace them because they are missing. We know we have to replace broken ones but we want to make sure that they stay in the lab. Thanks for your help with this.

Please do not enter the computer lab when the testing sign is up. It is considered a testing irregularity if someone enters. Please also help our testers by making sure the hallways around the labs are quiet!

Interventions-Please be sure you are entering interventions into Skyward. You should be entering students who are being tutored, failing or requiring extra help to be successful in class. If you are going to bring a student to SST, you must have interventions logged into Skyward. This is necessary to help future teachers and/or schools.

Please help us keep our halls quiet throughout the day. We have seen an increase in the noise. You may want to revisit the behavior matrix for hallway expectations.

Important Dates

March 4-

5th grade reading assessment-9:10, 3rd grade listening speaking tutorial-12:30(TELPAS-computer lab closed)


Watch DOG-

March 5-Wear your college shirt with jeans

3rd grade listening/speaking assessment-all day(TELPAS-Computer Lab closed)

Huddle-3:30 p.m.

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. Ketkar-Saavani-Matthew-PE

C4-3rd grade

March 6-

5th grade listening/speaking all day-TELPAS-computer lab closed



March 7-TRRFCC-wear your character shirt and jeans

4th grade listening/speaking assessment all day TELPAS-computer lab closed

2nd grade planning a.m.

Author visit in classroom

C4-2nd grade

Watch DOG-Mr. Trevino-Brooke/Ray/Izzy-Turrentine/Davis/Schillaci-PE/PE

March 8-Early Release

AMC Combo baseline Kinder closes

Grading period ends

Special Friends/Grandparents day

Writing collections due

Watch DOG-Mr. Garrett-Gavin-Janese-Music

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Tolerance

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Hirsch

Please turn in your dreambox data by 3/6

Word of the Week-develop

Shout Outs

Shout out to Pamela Baggett and Susan Bush for all their TELPAS work!!!

Shout out to our small group benchmark testers! We appreciate you!

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Renee Berriman and all our paras for being great crossing guards. This note came from a parent-We absolutely appreciate her and all the crosswalk staff for being there rain or shine to make sure all the kids are safe crossing the streets and intersections.

This compliment is for Pre-K and Kinder team becasue they were so kind and supportive of me as I got through an unexpected emergency surgery. I'm so very thankful for them!-Mary Serbantex

This compliment is for Terri May because she really went out of her way to help without us even asking when our projector light bulb went out.-Mary Serbantez

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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