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Funeral Planning


Culture plays an important role in funeral services and needs to be considered. Eternal Rest Funeral Home recognizes that and makes every effort to integrate cultural religions and traditions into the service. The following religious groups are specifically considered.

Jewish Customs- The three customs of preparing the body washing, ritual purification, and dressing are services that are provided in Eternal Rest Funeral Home. We know that cremation and embalming is not acceptable and will not be brought up. (Rich, 2011) Eternal Rest Funeral Home will work alongside with the community organization to follow all Jewish customs and rituals.

Christianity- There are rooms available for a wake and communion supplies are available upon request. We have connections to pastors and priests if the family is in need of one for the service. Graveside services are also available.

Buddhism- Monks are welcomed to be part of the funeral service and to handle things as requested by the family. It is understood that if the family would like they can clean and dress the body in accordance to the Buddhist beliefs of every day clothes (Everplans, 2015).

Hinduism- We have connections in India to obtain water from the Ganges River for the service. We understand the necessity of holding the service at the next dawn or dusk after the person has passed and will make arrangements accordingly. Space is provided for the Mantras and hymns for the family and friends.

Islam- The Islamic local community is welcomed to help assist in making arrangements along with the funeral planner. It is understood that embalming and cremation is forbidden (Everplans, 2015).


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