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Official Newsletter of Savannah Elementary | April Edition

Straight from the Principal's Pen


It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact it's April, but it is. We are entering the last few week of this school year. As I reflect on the success stories and challenges of this year I make note of initiatives that we should continue and identify those that should be adjusted or terminated. We've accomplished a lot this school year and I realize it has been because of a solid team. The Savannah team includes more than teachers and staff. The parents and volunteers of our school have done an incredible job of advancing our school toward our goals.

Eight years ago when I arrived at Savannah, volunteerism was dismal. Parent involvement was low. Parents logged 1,500 volunteer hours for the entire year. The fact that we've consistently logged more than 12,000 volunteer hours for the last few years is a major point of pride for our school. On a daily basis we have parent and community volunteers on our campus. They have logged thousands of hours performing tasks that enhance our learning community. They provide resources and assistance that frees our teachers to focus on developing and delivering quality instruction. Whether it's laminating or making copies, reading with students or shelving books - volunteers are making a noticeable difference on our campus. Even I have a room mother who has worked to ensure I have assistance and resources. I have served learning communities for 20 years and I have never experienced this level of support.

On behalf of our staff I extend a sincere THANK YOU to all parents who have contributed this school year. Please know your work is noticed and valued. To show our gratitude we will be honoring all volunteers the week of April 11. Please look for an electronic communique’ from your child’s teacher that will inform you of the week-long celebration. You are making a difference on our campus. The students and staff of Savannah Elementary is better because of you!

I end this month’s contribution to this newsletter with one of my favorite quotes. Margaret Mead, an American cultural anthropologist, once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Volunteers, who you are makes a difference!

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Mrs. Springer's Spotlight

Traffic Patterns from the Parent Handbook

Morning Arrival

· Students can be dropped off via the back cafeteria entrance from 7:20 a.m. until 7:50 a.m. Please make every attempt to drop your student off prior to 7:40 a.m. The first bell to release students to class rings at 7:40 a.m. School starts promptly at 7:50 a.m. with daily morning work and morning announcements. Start your child’s day off on a good note! Please be on time!

· Early students will be directed to the cafeteria or gym for supervision. Breakfast is served from 7:20-7:40a.m. You may walk your child to breakfast, but parking at the back of the school will be at a minimum.

· Students can be dropped off at the front of the building beginning at 7:40 AM. Please follow the directions of the staff members on duty. Students are to be dropped off in the lane in front of the school. Please DO NOT drop off kids in the parking lot and have them run across the car lane.

· Do not park (leave car unattended) in ANY drive marked with RED fire lane.

· Follow all directions on the traffic signs in the circle drop off lane. There will only be ONE drop off lane. Pull to the red stop sign and release your children from the passenger side of the car.

Attendance Matters!

Savannah Gators are working hard to make every day count! Daily attendance is essential in student growth and success. When a student is absent, documentation must be turned in within 72 hours from the student's return to school. Gators who earn perfect attendance 5th six weeks will join us for a DISCO TECH in the library! Dance party and bring your own device!
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Counselor's Corner

Love and Logic Quick Tip

Putting an End to Arguing and Backtalk

Does it ever seem like children carry around a little book called, “Arguing for Fun and Profit?” To put an end to this draining behavior, experiment with repeating the same loving Love and Logic “one-liner,” regardless of what your child says. The key, of course, is to maintain a soft, empathetic tone of voice. Listed below are some examples:

  • “I love you too much to argue.”
  • “Probably so.”
  • “I know.”
  • “I bet it feels that way.”
  • “What do you think you’re going to do?”
  • “What did I say?”
  • “I don’t know. What do you think?”

April's Big Idea: FRIENDSHIP

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Nurse Athey's News


We are fortunate at Savannah Elementary School to have many daily bicycle and razor scooter riders. This is a great form of exercise. Unfortunately, less than half of our students are wearing helmets when they ride their bikes/scooters to school.

During the month of April we are having a BICYCLE Helmet CAMPAIGN.

According to the National Highway and Traffic Administration (NHTSA) helmet use is the single most effective way to reduce the risk of head injury- by at least 45 %, brain injury by 33 %, facial injury by 27% and bicycle-related fatalities by 85%. So will be encouraging helmet use and proper fit. On random days Nurse Ann will be handing out sticker or a sweet treat to helmet wearers. Each Wednesday during Wacky Wellness tips our weekly contest winner is announced. Benjamin Arrona in Mrs. Curry’s class was our 1st winner, we will have 3 additional to promote the use of helmets. Help us to achieve 100 % of all bicyclist and scooter.

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Savannah's Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Biggs 1st Grade

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Mark These Dates!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast @ 8:00-9:00 AM, Science Lab

Perfect Attendance Disco @ 2:00 PM, Library

Friday, April 15, 2016

Bad Weather Day - NO SCHOOL

End of 5th Six Weeks

Friday, April 22, 2016

Awards Assembly - CRAFT YOUR MIND (Video Game Theme)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Little Gators Program

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