Steps for Growing Christmas Trees

By: Tyler Bryant

Step 1: Picking the species

In order to start the growth process you must first pick the tree that best suits you. They are many trees that can chosen from like Norway spruce, White pine, Blue spruce, Scotch pine, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, etc.

Step 2: Prep the space the Christmas tree will be planted

It's best to dig the hole before the holidays. The ground tends to freeze around January. After digging the hole place straw in the hole to keep the ground from freezing. The straw will absorb the water. Place the spare dirt somewhere away from water.

Step 3: Seed germination/ seedling transfer

There is two ways to starting your plant: seed germinating and seedling transfer. First option is germinating seeds, fill a small pot up with potting soil. place your seeds on top and lightly cover with dirt and then water. The second option is transferring seedlings that have already germinated. Take the seedling out of the pot and transfer it to a bigger pot after the roots have been pot bound. Then take your seedling and water it.


adapt the tree to the outside climate by first putting it in your garage or by a sheltered outside wall for a couple of weeks. If it starts out in the garage, move it to a sheltered outside wall for another week or two. Keep an eye on the long-range weather forecast. If there’s going to be a period of mild weather, plant the tree immediately.

step 6: be patient and let your tree grow

Plant the tree in a location that is protected from wind, preferably behind an existing evergreen tree.


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