Who am I?

Alix Hyatt


Sister: Oldest sibling to my sister Tess, who is 15 years old.

Friend: I am the mom of my friend group. If you need an ear, I'm hear to listen.

Daughter: I drive my parents absolutely insane.

Northerner: Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.

Leader: In high school, I was captain of my field hockey team, and I was also editor of my yearbook.

Student: Love to learn.

Hard Worker: Although I may not always be the best at what I am doing, I always try my hardest, bringing a positive attitude to every new experience.

Dog Lover: I absolutely love my dog. Rocco is an extremely misbehaved miniature Labradoodle.

WHAT I ASPIRE TO BE: My entire life, I have known I wanted to work in fashion. As a little girl, I was mesmerized by the pages of colorful fashion magazines. One day I'd love to be working at Elle Magazine.

INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE: The largest influence in my life is my grandmother. I spent many weekends with her when I was little.