We've Got News!

Miss Bates' Grade Two's Have News

We Went Swimming!

On April 20th our class went swimming! We had to take a test to swim in the deep end and almost all of us were allowed! We went down the slide, jumped off the side and dove were sink toys. We loved going swimming and we can't wait to go back next month!

Jump Rope For Heart!

On April 29th our whole school participated in Jump Rope for Heart! We spent the afternoon outside playing different games and skipping rope! We were put in groups with different people from different grades. Our class raised $325.00. We learned that this could help save a little kids life, which makes us feel very happy and proud! Thank you to everyone who donated to this great cause!

Grade Two's Important Moments!

We are Learning About Fairy Tales!

Once upon a time in April Miss Bates' amazing grade two's learned about Fairy Tales! We learned about all different types fairy tales, the types of characters, settings, problems and solutions that we see in fairy tales! We even wrote our own fairy tales. In the last couple of weeks we were put into groups and created a fairy tale that we have been practicing and will be performing. Stay tuned- they will be put on our blogs for all of you to see!

Things to remember for May!

May 6th- Mother's Day Tea

May 8th- Mother's Day

May 9th- Professional Development Day

May 23- Victoria Day

May 27th- Swimming